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Date: 1899
A deed, dated 2 May 1899, William, Mary, and Willard Church selling land to Joseph Oussani for $12,000.

Date: 1899
Document describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani, formerly of the old "Collender" farm, and latterly the property of Colonel William C. Church, dated 1899.

Date: 1900
A contract between the executors of the will of Grosvenor P. Lowrey and Joseph Oussani, selling the Pocantico Hills properties listed for $6500, signed 7 February 1900.

Date: 1900
An Abstract of Title describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani as part of estate of Grosvenor P. Lowrey, dated 1900.

Date: 1901
An agreement securing Joseph Oussani's mortgage for a plot of land in New York for $115,000, with the Lawyers' Title Insurance Company, dated 17 June 1901.

Mettrey Wehbie Naturalization Certificate

Date: 1904
A birth record for Gabriel Joseph, born on December 3, 1904, in Waterville, Maine. It lists the father's name as Abraham Joseph and his occupation as Merchant, and the mother's maiden name as Raphael Joseph.

Date: 1905
A baptismal record for Elias Shaia, certifying his date of birth as January 14, 1905, and his date of baptism as February 20, 1905. It lists his father's name as Mikle Shaia, his mother's name as Habouba Hable, and their address as 323 Elm St. His…

Date: 1906
A baptismal record certifying that Tufic B. John was born August 9, 1906, and baptized on September 11, 1906. It lists his father's name as Peter John, his mother's name as Masowda B. John, and their address as 377 Elm St. Tufic's godfather is listed…

Date: 1906 July
This birth record, issued by St. Anthony Syrian Maronite Roman Catholic Church at 256 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, lists Alice Assaf's date of birth as March 5, 1906, and date of baptism as July 3, 1906. It also provides her father's name,…

Date: 1906 March 5
This record, created at the Cross St. School in Lawrence, MA, on March 5, 1906, details the health of Alice Assaf. It provides other information, including address, 397 Elm St., names of parents, Celia and Wadia, and occupations of parents, "jewelry"…

Date: 1906 Oct 12
A certificate in Arabic written on October 12, 1906, by Father Khouri Afram. It confirms the baptism of Maryam, daughter of Youssef alTahan, on March 9, 1890, by Father Khouri Boutrus alFrerie. Godmother was Zuhour, widow of Francis Abi Tamra. A…

Date: 1907
A certificate from Calvary Cemetery noting Elizabeth Shea's payment of $300 for burial, 18 July 1907.

Date: 1907
A certificate from Calvary Cemetery noting Joseph Oussani's payment of $800 for burial, 6 July 1907, signed by Edward Jallangan.

Date: 1907
A certificate from Calvary Cemetery noting Josephine Harrington's payment of $300 for burial, 10 May 1907.

Date: 1907
A photocopy of a certificate from Calvary Cemetery noting Joseph Oussani's payment of $800 for burial, 6 July 1907, signed by Edward Jallangan.

Date: 1908
Document dated 11 February 1908 of a received mortgage payment.

Date: 1909 Oct 4
An immigration record issued by the United States Department of Commerce and Labor, Immigration Service on October 4, 1909. This record was produced at Ellis Island, sent to Bernard M. Sheridan, Superintendent of Schools in Lawrence, MA, and signed…

Date: 1909 Sept 15
A handwritten document in both English and Arabic. The English portion lists Mary Jacob's date of birth as September 20, 1893, and date of baptism as September 28, 1893, in Bdadoun, Mount Lebanon. It names her godfather as Yusef Alis Fransis and her…

Date: 1909 Sept 9
This immigration record was produced at Ellis Island on September 9, 1909, sent to the Superintendent of Schools of Lawrence, MA, and signed by Commissioner William Williams. It states that Nassif Fadellah arrived in the United States on July 17,…

Date: 1910
A certification of baptism of (name not clear) in August, 1895. Written by Father Khouri Rafael (last name not clear) in 1910. The document is damaged. On the bottom are a few penciled notations: "Adla Kellil Father Joseph August 15 1895 Mary Kalil."

Date: 1910
A birth record for Nassef (Narsif) Haddad, issued by the State of New Hampshire. It lists Nassef's date of birth as February 2, 1910, and place of birth as Berlin, NH. It gives his father's name, Abraham Haddad, and occupation, laborer, and his…

A City Clerk's Office record detailing the birth of Nezira R. Abounader on May 8, 1904, in Worcester, Massachusetts. This copy of her original birth record was created on August 18, 1910, but the original birth record was created in January, 1905.…

This record, produced in Marseille, France, on August 25, 1910, gives information about Kalil Joseph Assid's immigration in 1910. It provides his age as 17 and birthdate as August 8, 1903. The back of the document gives information about him: he…

A medical record issued through the City of Lawrence School Department certifying that Minem Jesser is old enough and capable of working, signed by an examining physician on August 3, 1910.
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