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A property sale registration from Wahib Faris Hobeiche (spelled Waheeb Faris Hbeesh) to Toufic Tarrad Kmeid (spelled Toufik Tarrad Kemaide), dated 23 January 1926.

A letter from Krouger Attallah who assures his father about their health, but informs him that businesses are not very well and therefore asks him not to cancel the purchase of any properties. As'ad Gantous returned them to Corossa, when he comes…

Date: 1937 July 02
A handwritten property assessment by Antoun Najim who assess the destruction to Father Tobia's house. Dated July 2, 1937.

Date: 1989 May 25
Article in the Gold Leaf Farmer newspaper providing public notice of a hearing held by the Wendell Board of Commissioners regarding a rezoning request for a parcel of land.

Date: undated
Newspaper article discussing a speech on urban renewal by John Borah hosted by Charles and Genevieve Norman Joseph.

Date: undated
Property description for real estate in San Diego, California.

Date: undated
Small portion of a blue print marking "Parcel K" of Pine Crest on the Hudson in Hastings, NY.
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