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Date: 1900
A contract between the executors of the will of Grosvenor P. Lowrey and Joseph Oussani, selling the Pocantico Hills properties listed for $6500, signed 7 February 1900.

Date: 1912
A deed certifying Joseph and Gladys Oussani's sale of several pieces of land in Pocantico Hills to J. Alva Jenkins for the price of $68,000, signed 18 September 1912.

Date: 1912
A document referring to Pocantico Hills, dated July 12, 1912

Date: 1899
Document describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani, formerly of the old "Collender" farm, and latterly the property of Colonel William C. Church, dated 1899.

Date: 1900
An Abstract of Title describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani as part of estate of Grosvenor P. Lowrey, dated 1900.

Date: undated
Property description for real estate in San Diego, California.

A property sale registration from Wahib Faris Hobeiche (spelled Waheeb Faris Hbeesh) to Toufic Tarrad Kmeid (spelled Toufik Tarrad Kemaide), dated 23 January 1926.
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