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Date: 1907
Document showing Joseph Oussani's Payments on Mortgage dated 1907.

Date: 1905
A booklet advertising the Semiramis apartment complex located in Harlem along the north side of Central Park built by Joseph Oussani. The cover of the booklet states, "Built by 'Owner' Joseph Oussani" and "Architect Henry Anderson 1183 Broadway." A…

Date: 1901
An agreement securing Joseph Oussani's mortgage for a plot of land in New York for $115,000, with the Lawyers' Title Insurance Company, dated 17 June 1901.

Date: 1900
An Abstract of Title describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani as part of estate of Grosvenor P. Lowrey, dated 1900.

Date: 1900
A contract between the executors of the will of Grosvenor P. Lowrey and Joseph Oussani, selling the Pocantico Hills properties listed for $6500, signed 7 February 1900.

Date: 1899
Document describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani, formerly of the old "Collender" farm, and latterly the property of Colonel William C. Church, dated 1899.

Date: 1899
A deed, dated 2 May 1899, William, Mary, and Willard Church selling land to Joseph Oussani for $12,000.
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