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Date: 2000-12
An email from Rafic Ellis to Hadia Harb, forwarded by Hadia Harb to Kail Ellis, regarding the history of Emily Kmeid, Toufic Ellis' sister.

Date: 2005-01
An email exchange between Rafic Ellis and Kail Ellis on the history of Yousef Hobeiche's history in the Lebanese gendarmerie, dated 13 January 2005.

Date: 1932
A photograph portrait of Marie Theresa Ellis, Rafic Ellis, and Delor Ellis, dated 1932.

Date: 1957-02
A photograph of Toufic Ellis, Delor Ellis, and Rafic Ellis taken at Sisters of St. Joseph convent in Watertown, New York for Alfreda Ellis's final vows,, dated February 1957.

Date: 1970
A photograph of Rafic Ellis and Delor Ellis circa 1970's.

Date: 1970
A photograph of Toufic Ellis, Rafic Ellis, and Delor Ellis at kitchen table circa 1970's.

Date: 1974
A photograph of (back row left to right) Alfred Ellis, Rafic Ellis, Delor Ellis, (front row left to right) Angele Ellis, and Toufic Ellis in front of their home in Carthage, New York, dated 1974.
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