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Date: 1904
A postcard depicting Arab stone cutters in the Jerusalem replica at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.

Date: undated
Postcard for Averof restaurant, Genevieve R. Joseph's name tag at Azziza Productions, and a business card for Wandering Moon, "purveyors of the finest in Medieval &

Date: undated
Postcard with an image of the South Pacific Polynesian Restaurant on US Route 1 south of Hollywood, Florida, with a group photo of four people, Bill Bolde, Lorice (Louty) Bolde, Genevieve Norman Joseph, and Charles Joseph, inside of the restaurant.

Date: 1942 Oct 18
Postcard featuring a studio photograph of Rose Nader Norman wearing a suit, sitting in a chair, and smoking.

Date: 1944 Jan
Portrait of Charlie Joseph in his Marine Corps uniform printed as a postcard and sent to Genevieve Norman.

Date: 1944
Postcard featuring a photograph of a soldier in military uniform standing in front of a backdrop. Note in Arabic.

Date: undated
Postcard printed with a photograph of a woman.


Date: undated
Postcard printed with a portrait of a man and woman dressed for their wedding. A stamp on the back of the photograph contains the name Frederick Difrani, possibly the photographer.

Date: 1966 Aug 10
Postcard with photograph of Beirut sent to Charlie and Genevieve Norman Joseph from Mary Hajje Boutros of the Ministry of Finance in Beirut, Lebanon.

Date: undated
Postcard featuring an image of Nelson House in Poughkeepsie, where Genevieve Norman and Charlie Joseph's wedding reception was help on March 2nd, 1946.

Date: 1960 Sep 2
Postcard featuring a photograph of Westminster Abbey with Big Ben and St. Margaret's Church sent to Sam Norman in Poughkeepsie from his niece or nephew.

Date: undated
Postcard featuring a photograph of a landscape, including buildings and the sea, in Lebanon.

Date: 1966 Dec 17
Postcard addressed to Genevieve [Norman] Joseph in Poughkeepsie, New York, featuring photograph of the ruins of Anjar in Lebanon.

Date: undated
Postcard featuring a photograph of the Eiffel Tower sent to Sam Norman in Poughkeepsie, New York, from a niece or nephew.

Date: 1918
Postcard from Nell Kahdy to Uncle Tom (photo of baby Nellie). Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy. Baby Nell 1917. Mike Mitri Wehbie Jiddie's brother. Maybe a little late. Died early in 20s or late 1919, rupture appendix." There is also a note…

Date: circa 1928
A postcard depicting the "Assuan Reservoir," now known as the Aswan Low Dam.

Date: circa 1928
A postcard by Pierre Yves Petit (aka Yvon) depicting the Place de la Concorde and the Luxor Obelisk in Paris, France.

Date: undated
Postcard photograph with a group of men and horses on the front. Labled as "Groupe de Bedouins."


Date: circa 1915
A professional photograph of a man. "Carte Postale" written on back.

Date: 1910s
Professional photograph of Louisa Fuleihan on a postcard.

Date: 1910s
A postcard photograph of three sisters, Louisa, Meropie and Najla Fuleihan, posing together in a studio. Addressed to their brother Nasri.

Date: 1910s
A photograph of Reverend John Smith wearing a white collar printed on a postcard addressed to Thomas Oussani.

Date: 1912 Apr 22
A postcard with a photo of Joseph Oussani and his second wife, Gladys Holmes, addressed to Mr. R. Oussani and Tommie and Mary. Dated April 22, 1912, at Lakewood, NJ.

Date: 1910
A photograph postcard of Margaret and Isabel Oussani in 1910.

Date: 1910s
A photograph postcard of Margaret Oussani on a pony in front of a house in Pocantico Hills.
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