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Date: undated
Postcard printed with a portrait of a man and woman dressed for their wedding. A stamp on the back of the photograph contains the name Frederick Difrani, possibly the photographer.

Date: undated
Postcard with an image of the South Pacific Polynesian Restaurant on US Route 1 south of Hollywood, Florida, with a group photo of four people, Bill Bolde, Lorice (Louty) Bolde, Genevieve Norman Joseph, and Charles Joseph, inside of the restaurant.

A postcard depicting the plane the Joe El-Khouri took from Lebanon to the United States in 1949. (2016 Folder 7-10)
Khouri 7-10 Postcard_wm.pdf

Date: 1944
Postcard featuring a photograph of a soldier in military uniform standing in front of a backdrop. Note in Arabic.

Date: undated
Postcard printed with a photograph of a woman.


Date: 1960 Sep 2
Postcard featuring a photograph of Westminster Abbey with Big Ben and St. Margaret's Church sent to Sam Norman in Poughkeepsie from his niece or nephew.

Date: 1966 Dec 17
Postcard addressed to Genevieve [Norman] Joseph in Poughkeepsie, New York, featuring photograph of the ruins of Anjar in Lebanon.

Date: undated
Postcard featuring an image of Nelson House in Poughkeepsie, where Genevieve Norman and Charlie Joseph's wedding reception was help on March 2nd, 1946.

Date: undated
Postcard featuring a photograph of a landscape, including buildings and the sea, in Lebanon.

Date: 1966-04-17
A postcard from Yousef Hobeiche to Toufic Ellis, dated 17 April 1966.

Date: 1966-04-17
A postcard from Yousef Hobeiche to Alfred Ellis, dated 17 April 1966.

Date: 1966-01-27
A postcard from Shukran (no surname) addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Toufic Ellis and Family, 514 West Street, Carthage, N.Y.,, dated 27 January 1966. Sent from Hallandale, Florida with one American stamp.

Date: July 1929
A postcard from Salloum Mokarzel to his daughter Yemna Mokarzel. The lake depicted on the card is located in Portugal. The postcard is damaged, missing a corner. (Folder 2-1-3-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-9a Postcard_wm.jpg

Date: 1918
Postcard from Nell Kahdy to Uncle Tom (photo of baby Nellie). Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy. Baby Nell 1917. Mike Mitri Wehbie Jiddie's brother. Maybe a little late. Died early in 20s or late 1919, rupture appendix." There is also a note…

Date: 1986-06-28
A postcard from Namtallah Hobeiche to addressed to Mrs. Angele Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, N.Y., 13619, U.S.A.,, dated 28 June 1986. Sent by Airmail from Paris, France. Contains two French stamps.

Date: 1986-10-08
A postcard from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis, dated 8 October 1986. Sent from the Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, Lebanon.

Date: 1983-03-14
A postcard addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1983 March 14. Alfreda left on Sunday, Angele hasn't heard from her and doesn't know how will she come.

Date: 1983-03-13
A postcard addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1983 March 13. Arabic section: Alfred and wife return to Carthage and stay after operation.

Date: 1922-01-23
A postcard from Ameen Rihani to Joseph Rihani, dated January 23, 1922. The front of the postcard has an image titled, "Achille riconosciuto da Ulisse" from the Napoli Museo Nazionale.

Date: 1911
A postcard depicting the Whitehall Building on Washington St. in Battery Place. There was a store in the bottom corner of the buildling run by a Syrian man by the name of Kato or Kado. This view of the building shows what the Arabs saw when they were…

Date: undated
A blank postcard depicting a scene of the boardwalk above Virginia Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey. One of the store fronts is Alkazin.

Date: 1912 July
A postcard depicting Marie Azeez’s shop with images of The Loraine and The St. Charles in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The image is copyrighted in 1908. The postcard contains writing to an Earl Fluke dated July 1912.

Date: undated
A postcard of “Kalil’s Main Dining Room Near City Hall Park, 14-16-18 Park Place, New York City.” Abu Khalil's restaurant on Park Row was a 1000 seat restaurant with a Roman and Egyptian restaurant below and Grotto. Khalil married one of Helen…

Date: 1945 April
A postcard depicting Hamid's "Million-Dollar Pier" at Atlantic City, NJ. Hamid later bought the Steel Pier in 1945. The postcard contains writing from Giorgine to Sylvia Path in April 1945.
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