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Date: Circa 1928
A postcard depicting the "Assuan Reservoir", now known as the Aswan low dam.
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Date: undated
Postcard for Averof restaurant, Genevieve R. Joseph's name tag at Azziza Productions, and a business card for Wandering Moon, "purveyors of the finest in Medieval &

Date: Circa 1928
A postcard depicting the Ecce Homo Basilica in Jerusalem.
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Postcard photograph with a group of men and horses on the front, labled as 'Groupe de Bedouins"

Date: 1981-07-17
An envelope and 3D postcard addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1981 July 17. Arabic below: locations of where 'bombs are falling' in Ghazir, Kfour, Boqaata, and Mazra'a in Lebanon.

Date: undated
A photographic post card with the inscription, "Hammana, Liban - Bazar et Fontaine."

Date: undated
A photographic postcard with the inscription, "Liban - Cascade de Hamana."

Date: 1944 Jan
Portrait of Charlie Joseph in his Marine Corps uniform printed as a postcard and sent to Genevieve Norman.

Date: 1942 Oct 18
Postcard featuring a studio photograph of Rose Nader Norman wearing a suit, sitting in a chair, and smoking.

Date: Circa 1928
A postcard by Pierre Yves Petit (aka Yvon) depicting the Place de la Concorde and the Luxor Obelisk in Paris, France.

A professional photograph of a man, "Carte Postale" written on back

Date: 1912 May 10
A post card sent to "Beyrouth, Syria" with information about the RMS Titanic on it.

Date: 1910 Oct 6
A post card sent to "Beyrouth, Syria" with a color image of "Marseille, Notre Dame de la Garde" on it.

Date: 1966 Aug 10
Postcard with photograph of Beirut sent to Charlie and Genevieve Norman Joseph from Mary Hajje Boutros of the Ministry of Finance in Beirut, Lebanon.

Date: undated
Postcard featuring a photograph of the Eiffel Tower sent to Sam Norman in Poughkeepsie, New York, from a niece or nephew.

Date: 1904
A postcard depicting Arab stone cutters in the Jerusalem replica at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.

Date: undated
A blank postcard of “Bobker’s Twelve Sons of the Desert in a Novelty Act.” This is an example from 1912 of an Arab troupe of entertainers not run by Arabs. The child is George Hamid with his cousins

A postcard depicting Dreamland Circus and Side Show on Surf Avenue at Coney Island, NY. The postcard contains writing from Job Walker to F. Brittenboker from August 6, 1922.

Date: 1903 June 28
A postcard depitcting a black and white picture of Easter Sunday on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, NJ. The postcard contains writing from a Matilda to Mrs. Greene on June 28, 1903.

Date: undated
A postcard depicting a flower parade on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. One of the shops shown is Jereissati Bros. Auction Sale. A sign out front advertises oriental rugs and hangings.

Date: 1945 April
A postcard depicting Hamid's "Million-Dollar Pier" at Atlantic City, NJ. Hamid later bought the Steel Pier in 1945. The postcard contains writing from Giorgine to Sylvia Path in April 1945.

Date: undated
A postcard of “Kalil’s Main Dining Room Near City Hall Park, 14-16-18 Park Place, New York City.” Abu Khalil's restaurant on Park Row was a 1000 seat restaurant with a Roman and Egyptian restaurant below and Grotto. Khalil married one of Helen…

Date: 1912 July
A postcard depicting Marie Azeez’s shop with images of The Loraine and The St. Charles in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The image is copyrighted in 1908. The postcard contains writing to an Earl Fluke dated July 1912.

Date: undated
A blank postcard depicting a scene of the boardwalk above Virginia Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey. One of the store fronts is Alkazin.

Date: 1911
A postcard depicting the Whitehall Building on Washington St. in Battery Place. There was a store in the bottom corner of the buildling run by a Syrian man by the name of Kato or Kado. This view of the building shows what the Arabs saw when they were…
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