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A portrait of a baby. The caption on the back reads "Michael, 9 1/2 months." This is likely Michael Jaoudi, Alice Mokarzel Jaoudi's grandson. (Folder 2-1-3-24)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-24 Michael_wm.jpg

A photograph labeled "Miss 'Dot' Griswold, Ain't She Cute?"

Date: 1970
A photo of Albert Charles Ellis, youngest son of Albert Ellis, holding a flag after the death of his father.

Date: 1970-02
A photo of Charles Ellis (left) and Rev. J. Paul Byron in the Infant of Prague Library reading from an encyclopedia donated by Albert Ellis, Charles's late father. A newspaper article about the library and its dedication to Albert Ellis is linked…

Albert J. Ellis Airport brochure with image of Ellis on the front and Piedmont Airlines plane on the back. This item may go with item below (Program for the Dedication of the Albert J. Ellis Airport).

A photograph of Albert Ellis (right) with an unidentified man.

Date: 1920s
A professional photograph, labeled on the back as "A Fuleihan." Embossed stamp at the bottom right reads: White Studio 772 Tremont St. Boston.

A portrait of B.D. (Betrus Dahar) Rabil, brother of Virginia Dell Rabil Mansour with Elsie Asad Rabil.

A photo of an unidentified boy in front of Abdalla's Market.

Date: 1930s
A photo of Cassie Abdalla (left) in front of her Style Shop in downtown Selma, NC.

Portrait of Chorbishop Peter Rabil, a priest of the Maronite Church. Peter Rabil was born July 10, 1884 in Hammana, Lebanon to Daher and Mariam Rabil. He emigrated in 1913 and settled in Goldsboro, NC where he served as priest to the local community…

Date: 1950s c.
A Christmas Card with a portrait of Angele Ellis inside

Date: Unknown
A copy of a portrait of Naoum Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-10)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-10 Naoum Mokarzel Portrait_WM.jpg

Date: Unknown
A copy of a portrait of Naoum Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-27)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-27 Naoum_WM.jpg

Date: Unknown
A copy of a portrait of Salloum Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-26)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-26 Portrait Salloum_WM.jpg

Date: 1910s
Professional photograph of a young Nasri Fuleihan in a suit, very faded

A professional photograph of a family of five people

A framed portrait photograph of an unidentified man in a suit, posed next to furniture, taken at an unknown date.

Date: Unknown
Gabriel (brother of Helen Kalil Mokarzel) and his wife Mary Kalil holding their baby, Gabriel Kalil Jr.
(Folder 2-1-1-8)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-8 Gabriel and Mary Khalil_WM.jpg

Date: Circa 1928
A photo of two unidentified girls holding hands.
img032 (4)_wm.jpg

Date: early 1930s
A photograph of a group of children posing outside of a stone building with a dog

Date: Unknown
A group portrait. Elizabeth "Liza" Mokarzel Rahid sits in the middle of the front row. The woman to the right is captioned as "aunt Katrina, maybe." Other individuals are unidentified. (Folder 2-1-1-23)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-23 Group Portrait_WM.jpg

Date: 1925
A wedding portrait of Isabel Oussani and Nasri Fuleihan

Date: 1942
A photo of Joseph Abdalla, Jr. at Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC in 1942.
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