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Date: 1936 March
Poem to Shukri Baddour expressing friendship sentiments from Naseeb Salibi and asking Baddour to reply. alResala Magazine, vol. 9, no. 151.

Date: undated
Poem by Kazahiya alAqiqi, on the love of Jesus Christ.

Date: circa 1967
A poem written by Karim Maroon titled, 'Between Poverty and Wealth,' circa 1967.

Date: undated
Poem on Saint Charbel Makhlouf by Chibli Mallat. From page 2: newspaper name 'alA'mal', dated May 5. Articles on page 2 are not complete/readable.

A photocopy of a poem written by Angele Ellis published in New York newspaper (title unknown) Vol. 93 No. 3, dated 15 March 1991.

Date: undated
A poem written by Angele Ellis, undated.

An envelope and letter addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1986 April 17. Arabic section: Arabic verse/poem.

Date: undated
An article written in Arabic. Title 'I want to return to Lebanon'.

Date: undated
A copy of Angele's article 'I want to return to Lebanon'.

Date: undated
This manuscript is an unpublished collection of poems and songs. It is split into two parts, the first featuring Arabic songs and poems and the second a collection of poems by Ameen Rihani titled "Waves of My Life." Posthumously published in 2009 as…
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