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Date: 1957 c.
An undated photograph of Angele Ellis and Alfreda Ellis who is wearing a dark tunic or robe, c 1957.

Date: 1970s c.
A photograph Kail Ellis, Alfred Ellis, and Alfreda Ellis circa 1970s.

Date: 1984-06
A photograph of Sister Marie Angele Ellis (Marie Theresa Ellis) and Toufic Ellis in front of their home at 514 West Street in Carthage, New York.

A checklist of items to be shown at the Centennial exhibition. The Centennial, celebrated in the Museum of the city of NY, marked the 100th year of the publication of Al-Hoda. (Folder 1-3-2-19)
Mokarzel 1-3-2-19 Checklist_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
A photo of an unidentified structure, found in a folder of Yemna Mokarzel's papers. (Folder 2-1-3-13)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-13 Structure_wm.jpg
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