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Date: 1930-01-29
A letter to Phillip J. Hitti from J. Duncan Spaeth, dated January 29, 1930. The letter thanks Professor Hitti for bringing Ameen F. Rihani to the attention of Princeton. It also states that the the talk was one of the best given at the Spencer Trask…

Date: 1924-05-04
A letter from Philip K. Hitti to Ameen Rihani, dated May 4, 1924.

Date: 1929-04-24
A letter from Philip K. Hitti, dated April 24, 1929.

Date: 1937-06-29
A letter to Dr. Philip K. Hitti from the office of Maynard Owen Williams, dated June 29, 1937. The letter addresses Hitti's interest in getting Ameen F. Rihani's collection of Lebanon photographs featured in National Geographic.

Date: 1928 May
Volume 2 Issue 11 of The Syrian World published May 1928. The issue opens with another discussion about words borrowed both from Arabic and English by Byron Smith. There is a poem following the article titled "Bel's Lions" by Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin.…
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