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Date: 1914
A photograph of the front pages of Silver Chimes in Syria

Date: 1960s c.
A newspaper article titled '2 Carthage Youths To Study For Priesthood At College'. The article dated September 3rd is about Alfred Ellis and Paul Kmeid attending Villanova to continue their studies for the priesthood.

Date: 1971 May 1
Program booklet for the 50th anniversary celebration of St. George Orthodox Church in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. Includes a program for the event, messages from church leaders, a brief history of St. George Church, anmd messages from local sponsors.

Program booklet for the celebration of Father Samuel B. David's elevation to Archpriest. Includes a biography of Father David, a program for the event at the Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a list of patrons.

A typed letter certifying Alice Darowish's birthdate as April 12, 1900, and birthplace as Boro, Shanandoah, Pennsylvania. It lists the name of her father, D. E. Darowish, and his residence, 134 E. Coal St., Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. It bears a seal…

A letter, written by J. W. Cooper of Shenandoah Public Schools, on April 18, 1916, certifying that Alice Darowish was a member of the 6th grade when she left Shenandoah.

Date: 1911 June 30
Birth certificate for Margaret "Peggy" Domit Moses, issued June 30, 1911, in Creighton, Pennsylvania.

Date: 1971 May 16
Consecration program for the dedication of a new church building for St. Elias Orthodox Church in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Included is correspondence regarding the visit of Metropolitan Philip Saliba, Archbishop of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian…

History of St. Michael's Orthodox Church of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, created for the parish's 20th anniversary in 1975. Includes a brief written history of the parish, photographs of church members and groups, and various messages from the…

Commemorative booklet for the dedication ceremony of St. Anthony's Antiochian Orthodox Church of Butler, Pennsylvania. Includes a biography of Metropolitan Philip Saliba, a brief history of St. Anthony's, correspondence, messages from local sponsors…

Program booklet for the dedication ceremony for the new church building of St. Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Includes a program of the day's events, a brief historical sketch of the parish, and messages from members of…

Date: 1905-1915
Handwritten diary entries of Maron Domit Barkett providing an account of the early years following immigration of to America, arranged chronologically by date. Subjects include the birth of his children, health of his family, and his search for work.

Date: 1943
A photograph of a family, labeled on the back as "Mom, dad, and me," referring to Isabel Oussani, Nasri Fuleihan, and Dorothy Fuleihan. Taken in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania.

Date: 1984
Fall 1984 issue of "Ecclesia," the newsletter of St. George Orthodox Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Includes information about the church and Orthodoxy, as well as photographs of members of the parish and its groups. Also contains articles and…

Date: 1992 Jan
Flyer with information about Ellen Laincz Middle Eastern Designs costume company out of Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

A newspaper article titled 'Father Ellis to be Guest Speaker at Central Pennsylvania Alumni Club Meeting'. The article shares that Kail Ellis will be joining Villanova alumni for the annual spring dinner on May 8.

Date: 1901 June 7
A photograph, printed as a postcard, of Footeena Francees and her family. Caption from [source]: "[I can't be sure if "maternal grandmother" refers to Footeena's grandmother, although you said she never came to this country. Could it be possible that…

Date: 1943
A photograph of the Fuleihan Family: Nasri, Isabel, Dorothy, and Neville, dated 1943, at Mt. Pocono.

Date: 1934
Photograph, with identification of attendees, of the funeral of Eeyoud at St. Anthony's Maronite Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, circa 1934. Rose Isaac El-Khouri was originally from Wilkes-Barre.
El-Khouri_Funeral of Eeyoud at St. Anthony's Maronite Church 1934_1_wm.jpg

Program booklet for the 50th anniversary celebration of St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Includes a written account of the parish's history, a program, menu, and guest list for the anniversary event, photographs of…

Date: circa 1958
This manuscript by Aelyas Kassab is a history of the Kassab family and a biography of Aelyas's own life. It begins with Aelyas's grandfather Elyas Kassab, born in 1814, and traces the family through the 19th century

Date: 1954
"Memoirs" by Wadea Kassab recounts Wadea's life from his childhood in Damascus and Bloudan, to his immigration to America in 1889, and through his pursuit of education and a career in dentistry.

Date: circa 2013
Spiral bound account of the history of St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church of New Castle, Pennsylvania, and important families associated with the parish. Written for the church's 100th anniversary in 2013.

Date: 1943
A photograph of Nasri Fuleihan and his son, Neville Fuleihan, standing outside on a deck. Woman's legs also pictured. Photographed in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania.

A newspaper article published by the Villanovan titled 'Ellis New Dean'. The article is about Kail Ellis's achievements and qualifications that brought him to his new position as dean. Missing the first page.
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