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Date: 1895
كتاب الغريب في الغرب [Kitab al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb], or Strangers in the West: The Trip of Mikhail Asad Rustum to America, 1885-1895, was one of the first, if not the first, travelogues about America written by an Arab author. It recounts the…
al-Ghareeb f al-Gharb_sm_wm.pdf

Date: 1904
القلوب المتحدة في الولايات المتحدة, or al-Qulub al-mutahidah fi al-wilayat al-mutahidah [United Hearts in the United States], is by Salim Shahin Sarkis [سليم شاهين سركيس]. It is "the history of Spiridon J. Jeha from Syria and Elizabeth B. Phillips…
1904_Sarkis_United Hearts in the United States.pdf

Date: 1905-1915
Handwritten diary entries of Maron Domit Barkett providing an account of the early years following immigration of to America, arranged chronologically by date (7 pgs). Subjects include the birth of his children, health of his family, and his search…

Date: 1934
Photograph, with identification of attendees, of the funeral of Eeyoud at St. Anthony's Maronite Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, circa 1934. Rose Isaac El-Khouri was originally from Wilkes-Barre.
El-Khouri_Funeral of Eeyoud at St. Anthony's Maronite Church 1934_1_wm.jpg

Date: 1943
A photograph of the Fuleihan Family, Nasri, Isabel, Dorothy, and Neville, dated 1943, at Mt. Pocono

Date: 1943
A photograph of Neville Fuleihan standing outside with an umbrella behind him and a line of trees in the background a woman and man sit behind him, the woman's legs are only visible and the man is Nasri Fuleihan, photographed in Mt. Pocono 1943

Date: 1943
A photograph of a family labeled on the back as "Mom, dad, and me," referring to Isabel Oussani, Nasri Fuleihan, and Dorothy Fuleihan, taken in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania 1943

Date: 1960s c.
A newspaper article titled '2 Carthage Youths To Study For Priesthood At College'. The article dated September 3rd is about Alfred Ellis and Paul Kmeid attending Villanova to continue their studies for the priesthood.

Date: 1986-01-20
A newspaper article titled 'Ex-Carthage Boy Now Dean at Villanova Uni.'. The article dated 20 January 1986 is about Kail Ellis becoming dean of Villanova University and establishing the Institute for Contemporary Arab and Islamic Studies at…

Date: April 1916
A typed letter certifying Alice Darowish's birth date as April 12, 1900 in Boro, Shanandoah Pennsylvania. It lists the name of her father, D. E. Darowish, and his residence, 134 E. Coal St., Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. It bears a seal and was signed by…

Date: April 1916
A letter, written by J. W. Cooper of Shenandoah Public Schools, on April 18, 1916, certifying that Alice Darowish was a member of th sixth grade when she left Shenandoah.
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