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Date: 1899-09-13
A letter from Khalil to Asaad Butrus, sending greetings to all of his family. Khalil sent Butrus 30 liras through the Ottoman Bank transfer and asks him to write a note and give it to Khalil's father. Khalil requests Asaad to write back when he…

Date: 5/12/1902
A letter from Khalil who asks about his uncle's health and assures him about his son Aziz and daughter Shafiqa. He sends his uncle money through the Ottoman Bank and asks him to write back confirming money receipt.

Date: 10/6/1911
A letter from Aziz who sends money to his father through Ottoman Bank and reassures him about his businesses. He goes on to send his greetings to family and friends.

رسالة من يعقوب صروف الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 22 ايار 1908. فيها يثني صروف على خطبة الريحاني "العزلة" ويخبره بنشر جزء منها في "المقتطف" مع تغيير بعض الكلمات فيها. وايضا يخبره باطلاعه على مقالة في مجلة اميركية (لم يسمها) بعد قصها اتضح انها "ممضاة" من…
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