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Date: 1907 June 29
Content Warning: Materials in this collection contain harmful content, including racist and white supremacist language, graphic descriptions of lynching, and other forms of violence.

Date: 1914
A photograph of Isabelle Dekash sitting on a bike's handlebars while Ellis Zaytoun stands behind her. Both of them are wearing winter clothing while relaxing in front of a wooden house with a white picket fence.

Date: 1915 Dec 11
A letter from Rev. Thomas Griffin of Henderson, North Carolina, written on December 11, 1915. It certifies that that Kalile Francis was born on September 27, 1904, in Henderson, North Carolina, and baptized by missionaries from the Sacred Heart…

Date: 1922 Sept 18
A letter, from Rev. Elias Zaytoun of Kinston, NC, sent on September 18, 1922. It confirms that Marie Hatem was born on June 15, 1906 in Hammana, Lebanon, at the Maronite St. Mary Church.

The official birth certificate of Agnes Zaytoun signed by Catherine Cooke of the Register of Deeds of Lenoir County, NC. Dated January 11, 1923.

Date: 1926
A photograph of young men in uniform at Fort Bragg.

Date: 1927
From Floyd A. Rabil, Jr: "This is a picture of my father, Floyd A. Rabil, Sr. with the 1927 New York Yankees. My father is in the top left hand corner with the number 4 above him. No.1 is Babe Ruth, No. 2 is Lou Gehrig and No. 4 is Tony Lazzari. The…

Date: 1928 July 19
An impromptu address made by Tom Abdalla to all of his store employees in Smithfield, NC.

Date: 1929
Clippings from the New Bern Sun newspaper detailing Joseph Salem's academic achievements: from the point he entered school as a non-English-speaking eleven-year-old, Salem advanced rapidly in his studies to graduate from high school as…

Date: 1930s
A photo of Cassie Abdalla (left) in front of her Style Shop in downtown Selma, NC.

Date: 1930s
A yellowed photograph of Isabelle Zaytoun, Stella Nassif, and Aunt Tory in bathing suits at Atlantic Beach, NC. Between Isabelle Zaytoun and Aunt Tory, Stella Nassif stands with her arm in the air as if she is waving to someone. The back of the…

Date: 1931 May 17
"Remembrance of first Holy Communion" certificate for Charles Joseph, who received his first Holy Communion on May 17th, 1931, at Sacred Heart Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Signed by Reverend A.R. Freeman.

Date: 1933
Mikail Mitri-Wehbie stands in front of the crates of beer as he pours himself a glass of beer. His son, Chris Wehbie stands behind the crates and smiles. The back of the photo states, "First load of legal beer after prohibition. Mikail Mitri-Wehbie…

Date: 1936
A New Bern High School monogram certificate awarded to Joseph Zaytoun for superior work in football from 1936 to 1937. Signed below by Coach Frank J. Alkston and Principal J.M. Shields.

Date: 1940
A census document containing information about George Richard (G.R.) Saleeby, his wife, Najaa, and the three of their eight children who were living at home in 1940: Sam, Joe, Samera, and Albert. Also living with them was "Joe," listed as a brother.

Date: 1940
Nellie Mettrey Kahdy and Amelia Mettrey Wehbie Salem walking down Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are both dressed in formal dresses and holding boxes.

Date: 1940s
Mary Wehbie stands in the middle of Chris and Sam Wehbie in front of the family restaurant and tavern wearing their WWII military uniforms. Mary Wehbie is wearing a dress with an apron over it.

Date: 1940s
Chris and Sam Wehbie stand in front of the family restaurant in the WWII military uniforms. Caption on the back reads, "Nell brothers uncle Chris Wehbie and Uncle Sam Wehbie in front of family restaurant and tavern. WWII. Fayetteville Street Raleigh.…

Date: 1940s
Marie and Chris Wehbie stand in front of the family restaurant named "Log Cabin." Caption on the back reads, "Marie Wehbie and Chris Wehbie 1943. Log Cabin grandparents restaurant on Fayetteville St."

Date: 1941
A photograph of Connie Zaytoun in a white shirt with her three unknown friends laying on a plaid blanket at the beach in Morehead, NC. Dated 1941.

Date: 1941
A photograph of Raymond Farris leaning against a white picket fence in casual clothing. The back reads, "Raymond Farris of Wilson, NC. My date on Boat party. Morehead City, NC." Dated 1941.
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