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Press release from March 15, 1990, announcing North Carolina Governor Jim Martin's appointment of George A. Kahdy as his senior education advisor.

A letter from Jerry L. Cross, Researcher at the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources to Joseph Zaytoun regarding a research request on the Lebanese in New Bern. Included is a census list from 1910.

Date: circa 1970s
A short article from the Smithfield Herald about Edward George Rabil, Jr., who gave away five gallons of gasoline during a local baseball game.

Date: July 1988
Copies of articles written about George El-Khouri (son of Joseph El-Khouri) as a Delegate for the Democratic Party. (Folder 8-11)
Khouri 8-11 Articles_wm.pdf

Date: 1959 July
A scan of Stephen Carter Rabil's birth certificate from July 14th, 1959, issued by Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield, North Carolina, and signed by the attending physicians. The back of the certificate has Stephen's footprints in blue ink.

Letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri of Andrews, North Carolina from Joseph Beniamin El-Koury, of the diocesan seminary of Karm, Lebanon, postmarked February 19, 1960.
El-Khouri_Letter to Joseph from Lebanon Feb19 1960_1_wm.jpg

A ledger and deposit slip for Youth Summer Recreation. (Folder 8-1)
Khouri 8-1 Booklet_wm.pdf

Date: 1972
An envelope containing receipts from the Hotel Sir Walter and The Holiday Motel. Included is a newspaper clipping concerning Irwin Belk and a note in Arabic. (Folder 8-5)
Khouri 8-5 Misc_wm.pdf

Date: 1958-1961
Publicity Scrapbook Contest notebook, created by Joseph Maroun El-Khouri during his time as publicity chairman of Andrews Lions Club District 31-A. In addition to articles about the activities of the Lions Club during these years, the scrabook…
El-Khouri_Andrews Lions Club Scrapbook 1958-1961_ocr wm.pdf

Date: undated
A transcript of a talk given by Joseph Zaytoun to the Triangle Lebanese Association about the impact of Lebanese in America, in which he speaks about his family's experience living in North Carolina.

Mandy Benter of the Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies interviews Lorraine Thomas in her home in North Carolina.
oral history cover image-greys.jpg

Date: undated
A photocopy of a cover of the "Cross Cedar," a quarterly publication put out by the Maronite Community of the Carolinas.

Letter to Joseph El-Khouri from his daughter Marsha (Shiver), dated November 4, 1976 on letterhead from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In the letter, Marsha relates how special her father is to her. In the envelope at the time of…
El-Khouri_Marsha Letter to Joseph Nov4 1976_1_wm.jpg

Date: May 6, 1983
A statement showing the amount paid by Afaf Tanios El-Khouri for the treatment of Lina Botorus El-Khouri at Memorial Mission Hospital. (Folder 9-7)
Khouri 9-7 Bill_wm.pdf

A draft for the articles of incorporation for the Metrolina Phoenician Club.

The Metrolina Phoenician Club was founded in 1986 by the North Carolina Lebanese Christian community. According to the draft of the common objectives, the Club was…
El-Khouri_Metrolina Phoenician Club Assembly_ocr_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
An article (likely from the Asheville Citizen-Times) written by Michael Boulos. (2016 Folder 8-06)
Khouri 8-6 Article_wm.tif

Letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri of Andrews, North Carolina from Michel Tohmey of Beirut, Lebanon, postmarked February 23, 1960.
El-Khouri_Letter to Joseph from Lebanon Feb23 1960_1_wm.jpg

Date: 2007
The 2008 Historic Mooresville Calendar, which featured archival photographs from Mooresville's history. The month of November was sponsored by John Mack & Son Department Store and includes photographs of the family and the business.

Date: circa 1986
Moussa Domit curriculum vitae detailing his education, professional experience and short sentence about his personal life.

Date: 1929
Clippings from the New Bern Sun newspaper detailing Joseph Salem's academic achievements: from the point he entered school as a non-English-speaking eleven-year-old, Salem advanced rapidly in his studies to graduate from high school as…

This document describes the varies spellings of surnames in the Wilmington Newspaper collection.

Date: 1960-1961
A scrapbook of publicity clippings, created by Norman Hartman during his time as publicity chairman of Andrews Lions Club District 31-A. In addition to articles about the activities of the Lions Club during these years, the scrabook includes articles…
El-Khouri_Lions Club Scrapbook 1960-1961_ocr wm.pdf

Date: August 2014
A document resolving that a bridge in Andrews, NC will be named after Joseph El-Khouri. (Folder 11-5)
Khouri 11-5 Resolution_wm.tif
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