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An invitation to the 25th anniversary of Kail Ellis's ordination to priesthood, dated 20 September 1992

Date: 2015 July
A newspaper article about the death of Doris B. Ellis on 13 July 2015

Date: undated
An article written in Arabic on Danny Thomas and his show 'Road to Lebanon', this is page 5, a continued article from page 4.

Date: undated
An article written in Arabic. An article written in Arabic on Lebanon and Danny Thomas. Title: 'A Breeze from the Cedars'.

Date: undated
Clipped article from a newspaper, title: 'The Withdrawal of American Forces is on top of Rashid Karami Agenda'.

Date: undated
A clip from newspaper, title: 'Joining Monasticism', on Alfreda Ellis.

Date: undated
An English article, celebrating 'Maronite Mass' in the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul

Date: undated
A clipping from a newspaper about Niagara Mohawk and showing graduates from 'Niagara Mohawk Academy of Lighting Arts', among graduates is Delor Ellis.

Date: undated
Newspaper clipping. P.1: declaring vow of monasticism of Mary Ensila and Alfred with short info about them, also about Mary Terese and Bolus Kmeid Jr. P.2: political news on Lebanon, the withdrawal of U.S. forces, Rashid Karami order to lay down…

Date: undated
Arabic article on Danny Thomas and his show 'Road to Lebanon', it is a continued article from page 4.

Date: undated
Damaged clipping of newspaper on Lebanon. the second photo at the bottom, the man with 'tarboosh' is Youssuf Hobeiche.

Date: 1934 June 06
Small picture of Gabriel Oussani, his business card for St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, NY, and two newspaper articles, one from the New York Times June 6, 1934, titled "Church Notables Mourn Dr. Oussani," and one from the New York Herald June 6,…

Date: 1913
A large newspaper clipping featuring a newspaper article about women's roles in marriage.

Date: 1913
A newspaper article titled "How to Destroy the Dandruff Germ."

Date: 1913
A newspaper article advertising a new book from Dr. Hall titled Sexual Knowledge.

Date: 1913
A newspaper article titled "To-Day Reality to One Woman: Gives Her Story."

Date: 1919
A newspaper article titled "Pianist Makes Debut," describing Anis Fuleihan's debut in New York.

Date: circa 1940
A newspaper article titled "New York Symphony to play Seldom-Heard Music This Week."

A newspaper clipping of a photograph of Jane Courtland sitting at a piano, receiving instruction from pianists and composers Anis Fuleihan, Jacques de Menasce, and Otto Luenig. Dated 1943 based on the movie advertisement on the back.

Date: 1940s
Newspaper clipping describing Neville Fuleihan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nasri Fuleihan of Meadow Ave., one of 22 airmen recently graduated from ambulance driver class at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.

Date: 1969
An article praising Albert Ellis for his public service and announcing the name of the Ellis airport in Jacksonville, NC.

A collection of Albert Ellis's obituaries that were printed in various North Carolina newspapers, photocopied.

Date: 1970 May 22
A small article with an image showing Charles Ellis receiving a plaque recognizing Senator Albert J. Ellis's (his father) service to the men and women of the armed forces.

An article describing a Knights of Columbus meeting to take place in the memory of the late Albert Ellis.

Date: 1971
A newspaper clipping detailing a meeting of the 1971 North Carolina General Assembly, which was adjourned early in the memory of Albert Ellis. Second page of article missing.
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