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Clipped article from a newspaper, title: 'The Withdrawal of American Forces is on top of Rashid Karami Agenda'.


A clip from newspaper, title: 'Joining Monasticism', on Alfreda Ellis.

An English article, celebrating 'Maronite Mass' in the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul

A clipping from a newspaper about Niagara Mohawk and showing graduates from 'Niagara Mohawk Academy of Lighting Arts', among graduates is Delor Ellis.

An article on Lebanon's politics, with a handwritten comment/note by Kail on the side.


Article on the election of Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, Patriarch of Antioch for the Maronites. dated April 19

Newspaper clipping. P.1: declaring vow of monasticism of Mary Ensila and Alfred with short info about them, also about Mary Terese and Bolus Kmeid Jr.
P.2: political news on Lebanon, the withdrawal of U.S. forces, Rashid Karami order to lay down…

Arabic article, titled 'Voice from Diaspora' by Maron Abu Zaid, a reply to Angele's article in the same section. Maron's Article asks Lebanese in diaspora to teach young generations about Lebanon, language, culture and history.

Damaged clipping of newspaper on Lebanon. the second photo at the bottom, the man with 'tarboosh' is Youssuf Hobeiche.

Date: 1987-06-18
An envelope, letter, and newspaper clipping addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1987 June 18

Date: 1993-06-24
An envelope, letter, and newspaper clippings addressed to Kail Ellis from Theresa, dated 1993 June 24

Date: 1993-06-29
An envelope, letter and newspaper clippings addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, 1993 June 29

رسالة من فليكس فارس الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 31 اذار 1908. يسأل فيها اذا ما استلم الريحاني الرسالة السابقة (قد يكون مقصود الرسالة اعلاه الخلية 25) عن طريق جرجي افندي باز. فليكس ايضا يوضع للريحاني مشكلة حدثت بينه وبين صاحب جريدة/ جلة "النصير"، فقد حذف…

A poem by Nema alHaj, dedicated to his deceased freind Shukri Baddour

Date: April 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour as a reply to Naseeb Salibi earlier friendship poem. Baddour's poem dated April 11, 1936.

Date: March 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour. the subject of poem: giving positions to those who seek them. other names/nicknames mentioned in the poem: Sheikh Nassour, Elias alFaran (or the baker), alBadawee, Mohammad Sultan, Shadeed, Tarraf Haimour, Samaan the…

A statement (not complete) from Saint George Hospital to the Lebanon League of Progress in NY, adn published in alHuda newspaper on Saint George Hospital and its history, asking/encouraging people to donate (fundraising).

A poem by Sulaiman Samaan alTebshrani to Shurki Baddour on the occasion of electing him as the President of the Lebanese Syrian American Association in North Carolina in the alResala Magazine, vol 10, no. 159.

Article of condolence to the Itihad newspaper.

Date: October 1938
A piece of newspaper (name not mentioned) telling the good deeds of Shukri Baddour as a person and the President of the Lebanese Syrian American Association in North Carolina. Written by Shukri Beshareh Murad, October 1, 1938 in Wilson, North…

News images of "A Day at the Depot" in Andrews, NC that include Joseph and Rose El-Khouri (Folder 2-41).
Khouri 2-41 Newspaper_wm.tif

An article about a speech given by Joseph El-Khouri at a Lions Club function. (Folder 12-9)
Khouri 12-9 Article_wm.tif
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