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نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى جرجي باز في 24 ايار 1909*. يبعث الريحاني فيها تحياته واطيب تمنياته الى باز وعائلته. كما انه يعبر عن حالة السوريين في المهجر، اميركا، ويصف "انقسامهم" ليس الحزبي (السياسي) فقط ولكن الديني ايضا - او كما دعاه الرجوع الى…

Date: 1897
This 1897 Financial Report of the Syrian Society of the City of New York was the first such document in four years, a gap explained by the society's financial struggles. The report begins with an introduction by Ameen Haddad, who gives a description…

Date: 1899
خزانة الأيام في تراجم الزمان, contains essays written by Joseph N. Maloof and originally published in the newspaper Al-Ayyam. This collection is comprised of biographical sketches and short histories. Chapters one and two focus primarily on European…
Maloof_1899_Bio of Luminaries_OCR_wm.pdf

Date: 1904
From Trey Matthews: "Passport Application for George Joseph Safy dated 6 Aug 1904. Birth date listed as 4 Jan 1877 in Syria. Year of arrival listed as 1894. Witnessed by Salim B. Nofal."
U.S. PassportApplication - George J Safy - 1904_wm.jpg

Date: 1904
القلوب المتحدة في الولايات المتحدة, or al-Qulub al-mutahidah fi al-wilayat al-mutahidah [United Hearts in the United States], is by Salim Shahin Sarkis [سليم شاهين سركيس]. It is "the history of Spiridon J. Jeha from Syria and Elizabeth B. Phillips…
1904_Sarkis_United Hearts in the United States.pdf

Date: 1907
Caption from Trey Matthews: "Passenger list for the S.S. Majestic, departing Chergourg, [sic] France, arriving in New York 21 Aug 1907. Listed are George and Soosan (Susie) Safy."
Passenger List - George and Susie Safy - 1907_wm.jpg

Date: 1908
Fāṭima al-Badawiyya [Fatima the Bedouin] is the second novel by 'Afifa Karam. It was publishedin New York City in 1908.
Karam_Fatimah al-Badawiyya_SM.pdf

Date: 1909
Diwan al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb Part 2, or (ديوان الغريب في الغرب (الجزء الثاني, is a 1909 reprint of Kitab al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb [Strangers in the West]. This pdf contains only part two of the work, an addendum that includes some text but primarily…
Diwan al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb 1909 Volume 2wm.pdf

Date: 1910
غادة عمشيت, Ghādat ‘Amshīt [The Girl from ‘Amshit], is 'Afifa Karam's last novel, published in New York City in 1910.
Ghādat 'Amshīt PDF.pdf

Date: 1911
A photo of Naoum Mokarzel with his wife and brother in law. Left to Right: Naoum Mokarzel, Rose Abillama Mokarzel, and Asad Abillama, (Folder 2-1-1-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-9 Group Portrait_WM.jpg

Date: 1913
The History of the United States and the History of Syrian Emigration by Basil M. Kherbawi. Though split into two files here for readers' convenience, the two were published as one volume, in Arabic for immigrant readers, in 1913. Kherbawi was the…
history of the united states_wm_red.pdf

Date: 1919
الرستميات: تحية الشعب لشاعر الشعب أسعد رستم صاحب ديوان رستم والرئيس السابق لتحرير جريدة المهاجر, or Al-Rustumiyat: Compliment of the Syrian People to the Eminent Poet, Orator and former Chief Editor of the "Emigrant", Asad al-Rustum, was an edited…

Date: 1920
An immigration record for Elias Shakkal showing his transport from Marseille, France to New York. It shows he was to depart for New York on July 16, 1920. It also lists his nationality as Syrian and his profession as being a day laborer [journalier].…

Date: 1926-07
Vol. 1 No. 01 of The Syrian World, published July 1926. This first issue begins with a foreword by Salloum Mokarzel and a poem by Kahlil Gibran stating the purpose of the journal: to educate both Syrian-Americans and a broader American public about…

Date: 1926-08
Vol. 1 No. 02 of The Syrian World, published August 1926. This issue begins with an article by Dr. Bayard Dodge discussing the importance of education for uniting Syria, building up its economy, and reforming the living conditions. The next two…

Date: 1926-09
Vol.1 No. 03 of The Syrian World, published September 1926 opens with an article by Prof. Philip K. Hitti of Princeton and his discussion of the historic significance of Nahr Al-Kalb (Dog River) a river in Lebanon. This issue includes several…

Date: 1926-10
Vol. 1 No. 04 of The Syrian World, published October 1926 opens with an article about Near East Relief in Syria by Charles V. Vickrey. Many of the articles in this issue focus on how the west has contributed to different aspects of life for Syrians…

Date: 1926-11
Vol. 1 No. 05 of The Syrian World published November 1926 opens with a story discussing Syrians and how they have established themselves as successful traders and merchants. In further discussion of Syrian history there is an article discussing…

Date: 1926-12
Vol . 1 No. 06 of The Syrian World published December 1926 is focused around Christmas. It opens with an article discussing The Spirit of Christmas and is followed by a poem by Kahlil Gibran. Overall this issue focuses on what Christmas is like for…

Date: 1927-01
Vol . 1 No. 07 of The Syrian World published January 1927. Issue opens with a travel journal entry by Ameen Rihani. This is followed by an article by the editor that discusses Christianity in the near east (Syria), and a treaty that was signed on…
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