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Date: August 1916
A physician's certificate of age for Rose Hatem created in New Jersey and signed by a physician, August 7, 1916, confirming she was at least fourteen years of age.

Date: 1910
نسخة رسالة من امين الريحاني الى والدته في 29 كانون الاول 1910. فيها يبعث الريحاني بتحياته الى والدته ويدعوها الى التصبر على احوالهم الحاضرة ومرض اخته سعدا. كما يخبرها بضرورة متابعة قضاياهم في منطقة الشوق من قبل صهرهم يوسف.

Date: 1935
A photograph of a Neville Fuleihan riding a pony outside in 1935 taken at Asbury Park, NJ

Date: 1981
Two booklets and loose correspondence for the 25th anniversary celebration of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church of Bergenfield, New Jersey. One booklet contains the program and menu for the event. The other booklet contains a history of St. Anthony's and…

A program booklet for the celebration of Father Michael G. Simon's 20th anniversary at St. George Syrian Orthodox Church of Patterson, New Jersey. Includes a history of Simon's 20 years at the church, lists of church sponsors and patrons, and…

Booklet containing the history of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church of Little Falls, New Jersey. Includes historical information about church groups and members, messages from the community, and celebratory correspondence.

Date: 1991
Program booklet containing the plan of events for the 35th anniversary weekend celebration of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church of Bergenfield, New Jersey. Also includes a history of St. Anthony's, correspondence related to the 35th anniversary…

Date: 1986 Sep
Volume 30, Issue 7 of The Word [Al-Kalemat, الكلمة], dated September 1986.
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