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Date: Circa 1925
A photo of Salloum Mokarzel and 'Mr. Howatt' in front of the Mokarzel house in Cranford, New Jersey. The caption reads "Papa + Mr. Howatt in Cranford." (Folder 2-1-6-3)
Mokarzel 2-1-6-3 Howatt_wm.jpg

A photo of Lila Mokarzel on a sled in front of her home in Cranford, New Jersey. (Folder 2-1-7-2)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-2 Lila_wm.jpg

Date: Circa 1920s
A photo of Mary, Lila, and Rose Mokarzel on a stoop in Bound Brook, New Jersey. (Folder 2-1-7-3)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-3 Mary Rose Lila_wm.jpg

Date: Circa 1930
A photo of Lila (left) and Yemna Mokarzel playing in the snow in front of their home in Cranford, New Jersey. (Folder 2-1-7-5)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-5 Snow_wm.jpg

Date: 1925
A photo of Louise Howatt (left) and Lila Mokarzel in front of the Mokarzel home in Cranford, New Jersey. (Folder 2-1-7-6)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-6 Louise_wm.jpg

Date: Cica 1920s
A photo of a young Lila Mokarzel in front of the Mokarzel home in Cranford, New Jersey. (Folder 2-1-7-12)
Mokarzel 2-1-7-12 Lila_wm.jpg

Date: 1954
"Memoirs" by Wadea Kassab recounts Wadea's life from his childhood in Damascus and Bloudan, to his immigration to America in 1889, and through his pursuit of education and a career in dentistry.

Date: 1910
نسخة رسالة من امين الريحاني الى والدته في 29 كانون الاول 1910. فيها يبعث الريحاني بتحياته الى والدته ويدعوها الى التصبر على احوالهم الحاضرة ومرض اخته سعدا. كما يخبرها بضرورة متابعة قضاياهم في منطقة الشوق من قبل صهرهم يوسف.

Date: 1974
Photograph of Dahr and EJ with their father at the beach.

Date: 1974
Photograph of Dahr and EJ at the beach playing in the sand.

Date: circa 2007
Raja Khalifah's business card from NephroGenex, where he served as Vice President of Research and Chemistry.

Date: 1993
A photograph of Sister Evalyn Shehdan (formerly Helen Ruth Shehdan) of the Dominican Order of Gloucester, New Jersey, taken around December, 1993.

Date: 1903 June 28
A postcard depitcting a black and white picture of Easter Sunday on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, NJ. The postcard contains writing from a Matilda to Mrs. Greene on June 28, 1903.

Date: circa 2002
Obituary for Joe Joseph in the newspaper.

Date: undated
Photograph of a person at the Joseph family home in Poughkeepsie.


Date: 1976 May 9
Photograph of Genevieve Norman Joseph and her daughter Beatrice sitting near a pool at Beatrice's house in New Jersey.

Date: 1975 Sep
Photograph of Linda Bolde, Beatrice Duda, Charlie Joseph, Lorice Bolde, Bill Bolde, and Genevieve Norman Joseph in a pool at Beatrice and Frank's house.

Date: 1935
A photograph of Neville Fuleihan riding a pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Date: 1912 Apr 22
A postcard with a photo of Joseph Oussani and his second wife, Gladys Holmes, addressed to Mr. R. Oussani and Tommie and Mary. Dated April 22, 1912, at Lakewood, NJ.
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