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Date: 1918
Postcard from Nell Kahdy to Uncle Tom (photo of baby Nellie). Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy. Baby Nell 1917. Mike Mitri Wehbie Jiddie's brother. Maybe a little late. Died early in 20's or late 1919, rupture appendix." There is also a note…

Date: 1918
Young Nell Mettrey Kahdy in a white dress, standing and posing with her hand on the back of the chair she is standing on. The back is labelled "1917, mom", 1917

Date: 1923
Nell Kahdy's third grade report card from Elizabeth City graded schools in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Dated from 1923-1924.

Date: 1920's
Young Bill Mettrey, Nell Mettrey, Amelia Mettrey, and Helen and Chris Wehbie formally dressed and standing together. Bill Mettrey and Chris Wehbie have on identical jackets while Nell Mettrey, Amelia Mettrey, and Helen Wehbie are dressed in similar…

Date: 1920's
Young Nell Kahdy, Uncle Mettrey (Chris Wehbie), Uncle William (Bill Mettrey), and Elizabeth Sliman (Elias). Caption on the back at the bottom reads, "Some took last named Wehbie and some took Mettrey."

Date: 1930
A newspaper clipping about "The Gypsy Rover" musicial that the seventh grade class of Elizabeth City Graded Schools put on. The newspaper goes into detail about the musicial and mentions the shock the audience felt when they discovered Nell Kahdy's…

Date: 1930-06-05
Nell Kahdy's seventh grade certificate of honor from the Elizabeth City Graded School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Dated June 5, 1930.

Date: 1931
Nell Kahdy's eighth grade report card from her time at Elizabeth City High School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Dated 1931-1932.

Date: 1933-05-02
Program from the Junior-Senior banquet at Elizabeth City High School. Inside there's a menu and a list of individuals who would be involved in the ceremony. Next to solo, there is Nell Kahdy's name. Dated May 2, 1933.

Date: 1934
Nell Kahdy dressed in graduation attire. Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy. High School graduation."

Date: 1934
Nell Kahdy smiling in her graduation cap and gown at Hugh Morson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Caption on the back reads, "Hugh Morsen High School diploma. Raleigh. Nellie Mettrey."

Date: 1934-05-16
Nell Kahdy's high school diploma from Hugh Morson High school in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dated May 16, 1934.

Date: 1930's
A faded portrait of Nell Kahdy. Caption on the back reads, "Nellie Mettrey. 1930's."

Date: 1930's
A portrait of Nell Kahdy smiling in a light, off the shoulder dress.

Date: 1930's
Portrait of Nell Kahdy in pearl earrings. Caption on the back reads, "Nellie Mettrey late 1930's."

Date: 1930's
The Ark posting of results of "most popular Syrian young lady in the Mid West" with pictures of Elizabeth Swyden and Nellie Mettrey, probably late 1930's.

Date: 1934
Nell and Eva Mettrey standing side by side near a brick wall. Nell leans against it and holds onto a piece of nearby ivy. Caption on the back reads, "Mother of Jim, Mikey, John and Wm (Named William Mettrey." 1934 Eva and Nell Mettrey (Kahdy)."

Date: 1938-08-18
Letter to Nellie Mettrey informing her of her election as French instructor at Warsaw Public Schools. Date at the top of the letter reads, August 18, 1938.

Date: 1939-11-13
A note in Arabic that is dated as November 13, 1939. There is also a note from Nell's father Michael Wehbie who states that he misses her very much and asks that she write back to him whenever she has time. Date at the top of the letter is November…

Five poems clipped from the "Today's N.C. Poem" column and two articles all by Nell Mettrey Kahdy

Date: 1940
Photo of Nell Kahdy, her old boyfriend Dr. Michael Bolus, Amelia Mettrey Salem, Salve Bolus, and friend as noted from the back of the photo. The five of them are dressed in casual, summer clothing next to a car. Caption on the back reads, "Nell's old…

Date: 1940
Nellie Mettrey Kahdy (on the left) and Amelia Mettrey Wehbie Salem (on the left) walking down Fayetteville, Street in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are both dressed in formal dresses while holding boxes. The details of who's in the photo and what…

Date: 1941
Nell Kahdy's list of certificate credit from North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering in Raleigh, North Carolina. This lists the three classes she was able to gain credit for during the 1941 summer session.

Date: 1943
A portrait of George Kahdy in his pilot uniform and headset with goggles. Caption on the back reads, "George Assif Kahdy engagement 1943."

Date: 1943-44
A portrait of Nell Kahdy in which she's wearing a dress with a lace collar. On the side of the photo it reads, "With all my love, Nell." The back of the photo reads, "1943 or 1944 engagement. Nellie Mettrey Kahdy."
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