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Date: 1917
A baptismal record issued by St. Anthony's Church on 256 Elm St. and signed by Gabriel Bostany and B. Belloma. It certifies Mary Nassif's date of birth as February 1, 1917 and date of baptism as June 19, 1917. It lists her father's name as Assad…

Date: April 1917
A birth record, issued by the Town of Methuen Town Clerk's Office on April 10, 1917, certifying that John Henry Nassar, child of Najib Nassar and Mary Brock Nassar, was born on December 13, 1904.

A note from Nellie M. Choate of Arlington Mills written on November 8, 1913 certifying that Adio Nassar is a "Syrian illiterate minor." It states that he left Arlington Mills on July 31, 1913 and he could not write his name.

A school record for Adio Nassar, created on November 8, 1913, certifying his age as 17 and residence as 363 Elm St. It lists his employer as Arlington Mills.

Date: April 1912
Contract for transportation by sea for Hatem A. [Adio] Nasser who was travelling to New York on the Touraine and was departing April 20, 1912. The back of the document states that Hatem was 17 born May 1, 1896. He was Syrian, was destined for…

A photo taken at the Al-Hoda Centennial in the Museum of the City of NY. Left to right: Alice E. Maloof, Denise Nassar, and Mary Mokarzel. (Folder 1-3-1-14)
Mokarzel 1-3-1-14 Alice_wm.tif
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