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Date: June 1912
An Arabic letter handwritten by (name not clear) on June 26, 1912. It confirms the birthdate of Najeeb son of Elian Mansour on November 17, 1895.

Date: June 1913
An application for employment certificate for Najeb Mansur created on June 18, 1913. It lists his residence as 161 Elm St., birth date as November 17, 1895, and other personal information. It lists his future employer as Pacific Mills.

Date: October 1912
A personal statement by Joseph Norsiff of Dover, New Hampshire, stating that Najeb E. Mansur was born November 17, 1895 and was christened at th e same time in Hamana Lebanon. The letter is typewritten, signed by both Norsiff and the State of New…

A letter from E. U. Butterfield, Superintendent of Schools of Dover, New Hampshire, to Bernard Sheridan, Superintendant in Lawrence, Massachusetts stating that he is sending Najeb Mansur's birth certificate with the letter. The letter is dated…
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