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Date: 1959
Air Mail letter and envelope, dated 14 December 1959, from Kalil Moussa Marjaba to Fannie Johns Moses (Mrs. Ellis). The letter is addressed to 608 Alachua St., Lake City, Florida.

A handwritten letter in Arabic, with attached translation. A letter, written by Father Youssef Moussa, Pastor of Damascus, on November 17, 1908. It confirms the date of baptism of Ablain Boutros, son of Bouwakim Boutros, as October 20, 1894.

Date: 1978
Lebanese University in Beruit-undergraduate, 1978 (extreme right)

Date: 1969
Far left, eldest; then younger brothers and father, circa 1969

Date: 1967-1968
Winter 1967 or 1968; -on the snow in Lebanon
Grandmother to far right (with head scarf, in her 50s), mom, holding sister, father, brother in front, then aunt-father’s sister, and Narges is on bottom left. They were visiting Beruit, but needed to…

Date: 2010
2010 Christmas in Winter Green Resort in Virginia-husband, youngest son-Amr; older brother-mohammad; sister, lama; eldest sister, rasha

Date: 1973
End of 1973-back right Narges 10 years old)
Father, mom, brother (19 months younger); front right, sister, another sister, baby brother and another sister
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