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Date: circa 1913
A physician's certificate of age for Adele Hassan Naoum, born March 21, 1897, listing her residence as Elm St.

Date: 1918 June 26
A promise of employment certificate for Alfred Mussawir, confirming his employment as a Bobbin Setter at Arlington Mills. It was produced on June 26, 1918, and stamped by the manager, John Marjerison. On the back is a signed physician's certificate…

Date: 1906 March 5
This record, created at the Cross St. School in Lawrence, MA, on March 5, 1906, details the health of Alice Assaf. It provides other information, including address, 397 Elm St., names of parents, Celia and Wadia, and occupations of parents, "jewelry"…

This record identifies Alice Assaf's address at 397 Elm St. and certifies that she has been vaccinated.

Date: 1913 June 7
An inspection card for Efenkehi Bahia produced on June 7, 1913, in Marseille, France. It includes an indication of vaccination and a pink ticket for the S.S. Roma of the Fabre Line.

Barbara Kahdy Estes's passport before changing her last name to Estes. This document also contains a vaccination record.

Date: 1921 June 24
A promise of employment record for Bashir Simon created on June 24, 1921, confirming their employment as a doffer in Washington Mills. On the back is a signed physician's certificate of health.

A birthday card addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, 12 September 1989

Date: circa 2006
A brochure from the New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health Services Disaster and Terrorism Branch titled, 'Coping with the Stress of Emergency Evacuation' circa 2006.

A physician's certificate of age confirming that Charlie Kalil was at least 16 years old when it was filled out on March 12, 1914. It provides his date of birth, April 15, 1894, and residence, 397 Chestnut St.

Date: 1923-1930s
Diary of Elias Nakhleh (Najle in Spanish, and father of María Najle) who was from the town of Yabroud in Syria. It starts with his immigration to La Cumbre, Argentina in December 1923, and then goes on to detail his life there including the passing…

Date: 1930s-1950s
Diary of Elias Nakhleh (Najle in Spanish, and father of María Najle) who was from the town of Yabroud in Syria. This is supplemental to the first part of his diary. Here he lists letters, sent, includes a poem, details his daily life between the…

A doctor's note from Docteur S. Najm in Beirut, Lebanon. The note is addressed to Kail Kmeid and lists the dates that he has previously visited the doctor, totaling five visits since 5 November 1957.

Date: 2010s
Photograph of a sign for Dr. Anis N. Sawaya Dermatology and Cosmetology Business located in Bteghrine, Lebanon. They are the first cousins of George Kahdy.

Date: 1945 June 29
A promise of employment certificate for Edmund George Samra created on June 29, 1945. It confirms his employment for Mrs. Pizeira [?] at 309 Essex St. The job description is "helping in the [illegible?] room." On the back is a signed physician's…

Date: 1916 Sept 21
A promise of employment certificate for Effie Jawdy, certifying her employment at Prospect Mills as a doffer. On the back is a physician's certificate of health, signed by M. Schwartz.

Date: 2012
A chain of emails that refers to Mettrie Lari's diagnosis of breast cancer and her subsequent double mastectomy. Another chain of emails from three months earlier between Mettrie Lari and her mother Barbara Estes goes into detail about how their…

Envelope and Letter from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, 1966 February 07

This record certifies Fred Aoun's employment as a stripping bobbin at Pacific Worsted Mill. It was filled out on September 5, 1916, and signed by M. J. Delaney, his employer. On the back is a Physician's Certificate of Health, signed by an M.…

Date: 1919 July 15
A promise of employment certificate for Gabriel Joseph to work at Wood Worsted Mill as a doffer, issued on July 15, 1919. On the reverse is a signed physician's certificate of health.

Date: 1913 Sept 20
A letter from M. Schwartz, MD, stating that he does not believe that George Ferris is 16 years old. It is attached to another record, from the United States Department of Labor, Immigration Service, sent to Lawrence, Massachusetts, by acting…

Date: 1918 July 19
A City of New York Department of Health record issued on July 19, 1918, certifying that George Mussawir was born September 4, 1903. Stamped by a medical doctor.

Date: 1923 April 3
A physician's certificate of age for George Yesbick issued on April 3, 1923, and certifying his birth on March 13, 1907.

Date: undated
An empty glass bottle embossed with the name "Haddad." Note from the donor: Ameen F. Haddad had two MDs, one from Protestant College and one from New York University. He had offices at 89 Broad St. and worked to develop face creams, which is likely…

Date: undated
A physician's certificate of age for Harry Sabea, born December 1897.
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