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A photograph of Sister Marie Angele Ellis (Marie Theresa Ellis) circa 1979.

Date: circa 1950s
A newspaper article of Sister Marie Ancilla Ellis (Alfreda Ellis) at the American Red Cross Blood Clinic with nurse circa 1950s.

Date: 1974 June 13
A newspaper clipping with a photograph of Delor Ellis receiving a check from Robert S. McDonnell for the Carthage Area Hospital, Inc., dated 13 June 1974.

Date: 2012
A chain of emails that refers to Mettrie Lari's diagnosis of breast cancer and her subsequent double mastectomy. Another chain of emails from three months earlier between Mettrie Lari and her mother Barbara Estes goes into detail about how their…

Barbara Kahdy Estes's passport before changing her last name to Estes. This document also contains a vaccination record.

Date: 2010s
Photograph of a sign for Dr. Anis N. Sawaya Dermatology and Cosmetology Business located in Bteghrine, Lebanon. They are the first cousins of George Kahdy.

Date: circa 1940s
Two name tags with pins belonging to "Mrs. G. Joseph." One is for her position as a Ward Clerk and the other as a Nursing Aide.

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Medical document for Yussif Boua Krouche [very hard to read] indicating the treatment of trachoma infection. The document also states that while it was given on board a ship it did not guarantee acceptance at either a boarding or landing port. It was…

رسالة امين الريحاني الى الملك عبد العزيز ابن سعود في 2 اذار 1924 (26 رجب 1342). فيها يعبر الريحاني عن راحته وسعادته لسلامة الملك عبد العزيز وتعافيه، خاصة بعد انتشار خبر وفاته. كما يؤكد الريحاني للملك عن اجرائه التعديلات (الحذف) التي امر بها الملك عبد…

رسالة من امين الريحاني الى الملك عبد العزيز ابن سعود بتاريخ 14 شباط 1926 (1 شعبان). فيها يطمئن الريحاني على صحة الملك عبد العزيز بعد علمه بوصول اطباء الى جدة.

رسالة من احمد زكي الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 12 حزيران 1925. فيها يثني زكي على كتاب الريحاني ملوك العرب بجزئية. ويخبره بمرض زوجته وسفره الى فرنسا لغرض العلاج.

A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 12 January 1930.

A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated October 1947.

A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 29 October 1947.

Date: 1919 July 15
A promise of employment certificate for Gabriel Joseph to work at Wood Worsted Mill as a doffer, issued on July 15, 1919. On the reverse is a signed physician's certificate of health.

Date: 1921 June 24
A promise of employment record for Bashir Simon created on June 24, 1921, confirming their employment as a doffer in Washington Mills. On the back is a signed physician's certificate of health.

Date: 1954
"Memoirs" by Wadea Kassab recounts Wadea's life from his childhood in Damascus and Bloudan, to his immigration to America in 1889, and through his pursuit of education and a career in dentistry.

A letter and envelope addressed to Kail Ellis from Victor T. Curtin at Florida Lions Eye Bank, dated 1994 March 2

Date: 1913 Sept 20
A letter from M. Schwartz, MD, stating that he does not believe that George Ferris is 16 years old. It is attached to another record, from the United States Department of Labor, Immigration Service, sent to Lawrence, Massachusetts, by acting…

Date: 1913 June 7
An inspection card for Efenkehi Bahia produced on June 7, 1913, in Marseille, France. It includes an indication of vaccination and a pink ticket for the S.S. Roma of the Fabre Line.

Date: circa 1967
A newspaper clipping titled 'Red Cross Officers' with a photograph of Dugal C. Peck, Delor (spelled Delore) J. Ellis, Mrs. U. Grant LeFevre and William F. Nicol circa 1967.

Volume 1 Issue 08 of The Syrian World published February 1927. This issue opens with an article discussing the archaeological finds of the Hittite Empire by Dr. Philip K. Hitti. That article is followed by a travel journal entry by Ameen Rihani.…

Vol 3. Issue 03 of The Syrian World published September 1928. The issue opens with an article by Philip K. Hitti on Usamah an Arab-Syrian warrior of the crusades. Following it is an article by Rev. W. A. Mansur which discusses the greatness of the…

Date: 1929 June
Volume 3 Issue 12 of The Syrian World published June 1929. The issue begins with an article by Dr. Bayard Dodge titled "Education and Catastrophe," which discusses the importance of education as an internal measure of preventing catastrophe in…

Volume 4 Issue 06 of The Syrian World published February 1930. Dr. Fuad Shatara opens the issue with an appreciative account of Arab physician Ar-Razi. This article highlights the achievements of Arabs in medicine. Following a short poem about…
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