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Date: circa 1914
A physician's certificate of age for Joseph Shaheen, confirming his date of birth as July 15, 1900.

Date: circa 1913
A physician's certificate of age for Adele Hassan Naoum, born March 21, 1897, listing her residence as Elm St.

Envelope and Letter from Kail Ellis to Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, 1966 February 07

A letter from Krouger Attallah who thanks Nadim for his letter and he is happy that they recovered from Dengue Fever. Krouger updates Nadim about As'ad, as he hasn't sent a letter for 3 months. Krouger asks Nadim not to travel and focus on learning,…

Date: 1929 May 04
A letter from Krouger Attallah who tells his father that he stayed in hospital for 20 days, but he feels good at present. He updated his father about As'ad, his brother, he broke up with As'ad, their son in law, and apologizes for not supporting the…

A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks his father about Emili's health, refers to a health problem. He also explains that he has money left with his cousins, but unable to pay him as businesses are not very well. He updates his father about As'ad.…

A letter from Krouger Attallah who assures his father about their health, but informs him that businesses are not very well and therefore asks him not to cancel the purchase of any properties. As'ad Gantous returned them to Corossa, when he comes…

A letter from Krouger Attallah who shares family updates and writes to his father to ask about the health of George and Yakoub (Jacob). Krouger advises his father not to reconcile with Ibrahim Naja. Dated November 13, 1937, Conakry, Guinea.

A letter from Krouger Attallah who advises his father on sending secure letters. He also wishes his uncle good health after hearing he is sick. Dated October 1, 1938, Conakry, Guinea.

Date: 1913 Jan 30
A school record produced by the Special School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on January 30, 1913, written by Rachel Haddad's step-mother, Annie Haddad, certifying her date of birth as December 25, 1897. The record provides other necessary information…

Date: 1922 Sept 11
A physician's certificate of age for Karim Saliba issued on September 11, 1922. It lists Karim's residence as 358 Elm St. and confirms their age as at least 16.

Date: 1912 Jan 4
A letter from E. J. Cate, Truant Officer for Lawrence Public Schools, written on January 4, 1912. It requests the opinion of Dr. J. H. Bannon on the age of Jennie Salem. It lists her birthdate as December 27, 1895, although he questions it. On the…

Date: undated
A physician's certificate of age for Harry Sabea, born December 1897.

A medical record issued through the City of Lawrence School Department certifying that Minem Jesser is old enough and capable of working, signed by an examining physician on August 3, 1910.

Date: circa 1913
A certificate of age, signed by a physician, certifying that Toufick Hajjar is at least 16 years of age. It lists his residence as Oak St.

Date: circa 1917
A certificate of age for Mary Hadid, signed by a physician, confirming her date of birth as February 28, 1900, residence as 182 Maple St., and age as at least 16.

A physician's certificate of age confirming that Charlie Kalil was at least 16 years old when it was filled out on March 12, 1914. It provides his date of birth, April 15, 1894, and residence, 397 Chestnut St.

A letter to Father Tobia Attallah from Mansour Elias AlBitar. Mansour informs Father Tobia of the birth of his son but with a medical/physical condition, he was born without [anus], and underwent several operations. Mansour asks Father Tobia if he…

Date: 1913 Oct
Certificate of vaccination for an 18-year-old immigrant given in Marseille, France, in October, 1913. The name, written in pencil, is illegible. He departed from Beirut and arrived in Marseille. Created by the Messageries Maritimes, a French shipping…

Date: 1923 April 3
A physician's certificate of age for George Yesbick issued on April 3, 1923, and certifying his birth on March 13, 1907.

A letter from Nadim Attallah to his father who writes that he and Krouger are worried because they have not received a letter from the family. Nadim updates them about As'ad. Nadim also asks about Emili's health. Dated October 15, 1931, Conakry,…

A letter from Nadim Attallah who tells Krouger about his accident, his truck fell into the river and two people were killed. He will send him the money when this case is over. Dated August 18, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: circa 2006
A brochure from the New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health Services Disaster and Terrorism Branch titled, 'Coping with the Stress of Emergency Evacuation' circa 2006.

Date: 1920 Sept 7
A promise of employment certificate filled out on September 7, 1920, promising employment for James Kalil at Pacific Mills as a Sewing Machine Tender. On the reverse side is a signed physician's certificate of health.

Date: 1913 Sept
A record created on September 29, 1913, confirming Rachel Haddad's promise of employment at Pacific Mills, at #10 mill, doing the job of doffing. It is signed by the mill's manager, H.H. Prompton. On the back is a physician's certificate of health,…
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