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Date: circa 1922
A letter from Anna A. Murphy of the Special School confirming that Marie Hatem was born on June 15, 1906.

A promise of employment certificate for Marie Hatem, issued on February 13, 1922, confirming her employment as a doffer in the Washington Mills. On the back is a physician's certificate of health, confirming her ability to work, signed on June 23,…

Date: July 1940
An envelope with Marie Hatem's name and birthdate, June 19, 1907, written on the outside and a note that a passport was given to her on July 1, 1940.

A letter, from Rev., Elias Zaytoun of Kinston, NC, sent on September 18, 1922. It confirms that Marie Hatem was born on June 15, 1906 in Hammana, Lebanon, at the Maronite St. Mary Church.
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