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Date: 18-Mar-30
Correspondence between Charles Taylor of Lake City, Florida and Governor Carlton regarding Taylor's investigation of the Romey lynching case. The notes are dated between March and April 1930.

Date: 1929
A letter from an anonymous citizen of Lake City, Florida to Governor Carlton undated circa 1929 regarding the deaths of Nola and Hasna Romey. The writer urges the governor to send a special detective to Lake City to investigate the murders. Date_Letter to Gov re special detective for Romey casewm.jpg

Date: 18-May-29
A letter from Salina, Kansas to Florida Governor Carlton dated May 18, 1929 expressing outrage over the lynching of Nola Romey. to Gov from Kansaswm.jpg

Date: 5-Jul-29
A letter from Edward J. Dieb, secretary-treasurer of the Southwestern Syrian Merchant's Associtation of Fort Worth, Texas to Florida Governor Carlton, dated July 5, 1929 regarding the murders of Nola and Hasna Romey. The writer urges the governor to… Syrian Merchants Assocwm.jpg

Date: 11-Nov-29
A telegram from W. Alexander Director of the Commission on Interracial Cooperation to Florida Governor Carlton regarding the third lynching in Florida in 1929 and calling for action to be taken. Commission on Interracial Cooperation Will Alexanderwm.jpg

Date: 28-Apr-30
A letter from James T. Smith of Tampa, Florida to Governor Carlton, dated April 28, 1930 regarding two incidents of mob violence reported in Tampa that day. The writer urges the governor to enforce the laws in his state. to Gov Tampa Violencewm.jpg

Date: 12-Jun-30
A letter from Arthur Jackson, Chairman of The General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Florida Governor Carlton dated July 12, 1930. The writer is "shocked at this year's record of twleve lynchings." Conf of Religious Society of Friends to Govwm.jpg

Date: 9-Oct-30
A letter from George Fort Milton of Chattanooga, Tennessee to Florida Governor Carlton, dated October 9, 1930. Milton explains his participation in the efforts of the Commission and asks Carlton to assist the commission as well.

Date: 3-Nov-30
A telegram from twenty-two women throughout the South to Florida Governor Carloton, dated November 3, 1930 expressing outrage over the sharp increase in lynching and urge Carlton and other governors to "erase this crime from the record of his state". from Women vs Lynching to Govwm.pdf

Date: 31-Aug-31
A letter from K.I. Hamway of Brooklyn, New York to Florida Governor Carlton, dated August 31, 1931, regarding outrage over white complicitcy and participation in lynchings in the South. to Gov re lynching in South 1931-no name-datewm.jpg

Date: 11-Dec-31
A letter from Arthur Raper of the Souther Commission on the Study of Lynching to Florida Governor Carlton, dated December 11, 1931. The letter originally accompanied a copy of the commission's report. Commission on Study of Lynching Arthur Raper to Govwm.jpg

Date: Jun 1932
Correspondence to Governor Carlton of Florida regarding the lynching of Henry Woods in Jasper, Hamilton County, Florida after Woods shot and killed the Jasper Chief of Police, Ira Foler. Perry Allison and Lit Cole, policement of Lake City were…
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