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Date: 1930s or so
A photograph of "Brahim and Louisa", a man and woman, labeled "at one of our parks," and noted as being their first picture together

Date: 1930s or so
A photograph of Brahim's sister, Louisa, sitting outside on a pile of rocks

Date: 1930s or so
Professional photograph of Louisa Fuleihan, "daughter of Amin"

Date: 1942
A photograph of two ladies sitting together outside on a patio, one of them being Louisa Fuleihan, Brahim's sister. The back labeled "Thank you for a lunch and dinner" and "Sea Island, Ga Sept. 1942"

Date: 1982
A photograph of two older ladies standing outside in 1982, labeled on back as Louisa F, referring to Louisa Fuleihan. Nayla Fuleihan
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