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Date: 1913-05-24
A letter to Father Tobia from Father Tobia al-Issa. Issa thanks Father Tobia for sendiing three books, including the Quran. Also mentioned: Father Bolus, check of 200 francs, Mr. Haleem Abi Karam in Beirut. Dated May 24, 1913 sent from Livorno,…

Date: 1920-02-12
A letter from Father Issa who informs Father Attallah that he recieved the latter's letter but without the money receipt requested and reminds him to send it again along with the written format. Dated February 12, 1920, Livorno, Italy.

Date: 1920-06-01
A letter from Father Issa who informs Father Tobia that he received a money receipt. Father Issa mentions that he will write to those who requested alcohol and sent 330 francs donations from 168 masses and requested its receipt. Dated June 1, 1920,…

Date: 1921-02-19
A letter from Father Issa who informs Father Tobia that he is sending 545 francs out of 1090 francs to be sent later as donations of several masses. Dated February 19, 1921, Livorno, Italy.

Date: 1924-06-20
A letter from Father Issa who confirms receiving Father Tobia's letter and asks why the latter hasn't written to him for more than 6 months. Also he sends 640 liras donations of 200 massas and requests a receipt. Dated June 20, 1924, Livorno, Italy. …
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