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A shipping bill to Father Tobia Attallah, dated January 31, 1899. The company is Cammionage de Chemin de Fer de Paris et Lyon et la Méditerranée. The communication informs Attallah that a shipment for him will be leaving Marseilles on February 2.

Date: 1948 July 09
A letter to Krouger Attallah from Sammy. Dated July 9, 1948, Kouroussa.

Date: undated
A letter from Joseph Attallah who assures his father, Nadim, about his classes, and shares greetings from family in Lebanon. The letter or note is written on an envelope addressed to Najla Attallah. Undated

Date: 1913 Sept 23
Letter in French and Arabic written on September 23, 1913. The French states that it is a certificate of baptism for Paul Sejean. It states that Sejean was baptized in the Parish St. Georges in Aquora, Lebanon [Akoura, Liban]. The letter reports that…

A letter of thanks written to Tobia Attallah for his well wishes to the Queen for the wellbeing of her son, written by the Queen of Spain's secretary on October 10, 1896.

Date: 1926 June 16
A letter to Father Tobia which likely requests certificates of baptism for: As'ad [last name not clear] and Najla Gabriel (married on May 1st, 1926), and Joseph Kalil and Frangier [last name not clear] (married on May 8, 1926). Years and locations of…

Date: 1914 Feb 8
A handwritten letter in both Arabic and French. It was written by Father Khouri Youssef (Joseph) Chebli el-Hachem from Acoura, Mount Lebanon, on February 8, 1914, to confirm the birthdate of Lamyaa, the daughter of Jirjis Youssef, on December 15,…

An envelope address to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon and has calculations in Arabic numbers on the reverse side, dated December 26, 1924.

An envelope addressed to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon, dated March 5, 1925.

An envelope addressed to Father Tobia Attallah at Beit Chabeb in Lebanon, dated March 26, 1925.
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