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Date: 1893
A letter to Joseph Oussani from his brother dated March 16, 1893 in Baghdad. Two handwritten English translations and a photocopy of the letter are included in the folder.

A letter from Daniel J. Faour in New York, dated December 4, 1893, to the N.N. Brass Company about rattles that were ordered and had yet to arrive. The letterhead is of "Danial J. Faour &

Date: 1896
A letter written by Joseph Oussani dated 5 May 1896. Joseph announces his upcoming marriage to a young Irish Catholic American girl to his parents in Baghdad, begging their blessing since they could not be there. He mentions that his brothers, Yak…

Date: 1907 July 20
A handwritten letter in Arabic from Priest Koury Mikael Koury, written on July 20, 1907. It is also translated into English. It certifies Elias Mousa Bicharah's birthdate as August 2, 1893, and his baptism date as September 1, 1893.

Date: 1908 Dec 18
A letter written in English and Arabic by Father Khouri Gabriel on December 18, 1908. Certifies that Naim Jasser, son of Tannos Jasser, was born on April 10, 1893, and baptized on June 5, 1893. The Arabic portion lists the mother as Khazna, the…

Handwritten letter in Arabic and English. The letter certifies that Tom Nassif Ajamie was born on December 28, 1892 and was baptized on February 2, 1893. The letter was signed by Rev. Gabriel Kouri on December 18, 1908.

Date: 1909 April
A handwritten letter from Rev. Mosa Boohaider of Baskinta, Lebanon, on April 23, 1909. It confirms the date of birth of Lewis Hider as November 15, 1892, and his date of baptism as December 29, 1892. Handwritten notes in English at the bottom…

Date: 1909 Aug 18
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English. Written by Father Khouri Hannah Zizhzghy on August 18, 1909, the letter certifies that Amia Nimy, daughter of Makhoul Nimy, was born March 3, 1894, in Falougha. A note on the bottom, in different…

Date: 1909 June 5
A handwritten note in English and Arabic from L'abbe Moise Abi-Haidar on June 5, 1909. It states that Mary Hider was born on June 13, 1893, and baptized on July 15, 1893, in Baskinta, Lebanon. The English translation is written on a business card,…

Date: 1909 May 3
A letter handwritten by Rev. Moses Otto Hider in Baskinta, Lebanon May 3, 1909. It certifies that George Fireige, son of Assad Fireige, was born in 1893 and baptized on August 15, 1893.

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English, certifying Olga George Aboutaja's birthday as October 15, 1893 and baptism as November 26, 1893. Godmother was Farah Rafael. The record also identifies her father as George Aboutaja and was signed by Rev.…

A handwritten letter from Clark Carter, Secretary of the Lawrence City Mission written on September 18, 1909, on a page with the mission's letterhead. It was written to help prove that Charles Own [Khalil Aoun] was 14 years of age. It explains that…

Date: 1910 July 15
A letter, written on July 15, 1910, certifying that Namatallah Wakid Jameyl was born on July 12, 1894.

Date: 1910 July 15
A handwritten letter in English and Arabic, certifying George Fadel's birthdate as July 15, 1895, and his date of baptism as September 3, 1895. It lists his father as Nicola Fadel and godfather as Youssef Shaheen. Written by Father Khouri Michael on…

Date: 1910 May
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English. Written by Rev. F. Michael Kouri, it certifies that Nazira Joseph Saidy was born on February 10, 1893, and baptzied on March 25, 1893.

Date: 1910 Sept 4
A letter written by Simon Abojalad from Kab Elias, Syria, on September 4, 1910. It testifies that Jahja Hawy, son of Namat Ulla Hawy, was born in Kab Elias and baptized on October 12, 1894.

Date: 1911 June 29
A handwritten letter from Rev. Moses Abihider, pastor of the Syrian Greek Orthodox Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on June 29, 1911. It certifies that Abraham Faris Abihider's (AbiH-ider) birthplace was Baskinta, Lebanon, and his date of baptism…

Date: 1911 Nov 12
A handwritten letter, in both English and Arabic, written by Priest M. Koury, certifying that Tanous Habeeb Abi Hamad was born on November 12, 1895, and baptized on December 17, 1895.

Date: 1911 Nov 3
A letter written by Priest Youseff Semaan on November 3, 1911, certifying Regina Dawood's baptism on October 30, 1896.

Date: 1912
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English. Written by Rev. Peter Serrill, certifying that Najieb Usef was born on December 25, 1895.

Date: 1912
A letter from Margaret Oussani to her Grandma, dated 12 February 1912 written from Egypt.

A letter written by Rev. Aftimios Ofiesh, head of the Syrian Greek Orthodox Church in Montreal, on March 16, 1912. It testifies that Farideh Ghantus was born on January 4, 1895, in Muhaidithel, Lebanon. It states that she was baptized by Rev. Gabriel…

Date: 1912 Sept 12
A letter from Basile Nahas, written on September 12, 1912, certifying that Bashir [Bashiri] Simon was baptized on June 5, 1907. The letter was written on behalf of Kathkfa Simon on the request of her husband, George Simon, who was going to New York.…

A letter by E. Butterfulk, Superintendent of Schools in Dover, New Hampshire, addressed to the Truant Officer and written on April 15, 1913. It indicates that the incorrect baptism was sent for George Gald (Galab)--Eugene Rabil's papers had been…

Date: 1913 Aug 7
A letter written by A. R. Saunders, Insurance Agent for French Line, addressed to Bernard M. Sheridan, superintendent of Schools in Lawrence, MA, on August 7, 1913. It certifies that Toufick H. Hajjar purchased a ticket for Austro-American Line on…
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