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Date: 1910s c.
A photograph portrait of Abdo Kmeid, Malik Kmeid and Philip Kmeid circa 1910s.

Date: 1915
A photograph of Toufic Ellis and Naja Kmeid, dated 1915.

Date: 1920s c.
A photograph portrait of Toufic Ellis, Yousef Younis and Khalil Kmeid taken in Carthage, New York circa 1920s.

Date: 1920s c.
A wedding photograph of Christine Kmeid LaBrie and Octave LaBrie circa 1920s.

Date: 1925
A photograph of Toufic Ellis with his cousins at his family home in Bqaatouta (spelled Baatouta), Lebanon, dated 1925.

Date: 1925 c.
A copy of a photograph of Toufic Ellis' home in Bqaatouta (spelled Ba'atuta) circa 1925.

Date: 1940 c.
A portrait of Toufic Trad Kmeid Ellis taken by Karl Lederle Studio circa 1940.

Date: 1940 c.
A portrait of Toufic Trad Kmeid Ellis taken by Karl Lederle Studio circa 1940.

Date: 1940s c.
A photograph of Seghan (Sejaan) Kmeid circa 1940s.

Date: 1950s c.
A photograph of Toufic Ellis, Seghan (Sejaan) Kmeid, Bertha Abdo and Jake Astafan at a dinner celebration circa 1950s.

Date: 1966-11-21
A photograph portrait of Ghassan Kmeid, son of George Kmeid,, dated 21 November 1966.

Date: 1966-04-01
A newspaper article written by Angele Ellis (spelled Angele Hbaishe Kemaide) titled, 'Figure of the Week: Sister Bernadette Mary', dated 1 April 1966.

Date: 2000s c.
An article written by Kail Ellis on Kmeid family history, undated.

A drawing of the Hobeiche Kmeid Ellis family tree.

A list of the inheritors of Nasif Elias Kmeid, undated.

Family tree of: Hobeiche and Kmeid families.

Date: 1914-06-06
A passport Number 1475 from the Ottoman Empire for Toufic Kmeid (spelled Toufik Kemaide in document), dated 6 June 1914.

Date: 1945-06-04
A certificate of naturalization for Seghan Kmeid (spelled Sagam Hanna Kamide or Sejaan Kmeid) from the United States Department of Justice.

Date: 1950s c.
A postcard from George Kmeid to Kail (spelled Khalil) Ellis, undated circa 1950s.

Date: 1958-03-19
A doctor's note from Docteur S. Najm in Beirut, Lebanon. The note is addressed to Kail Kmeid and lists the dates that he has previously visited the doctor, totaling five visits since 5 November 1957.

Date: 1958-05-05
A letter from Ibn Khalak Kmeid to Toufic Ellis, dated 5 May 1958.

Date: 1960-02-08
A letter from Toufic's cousin (unknown) to Toufic Ellis, dated 8 February 1960.

Date: 1970s c.
A letter from Abdo Elias Kemaide to Toufic Ellis circa 1970s.

Date: 1972-08-12
A letter from Wajeeh Kemaide to Toufic Ellis, dated 12 August 1972.
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