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Date: 1984
A photograph labeled "Moise Khayrallah cooks turkey for the first time."

Date: circa 1990s
An undated photograph of Moise Khayrallah around Christmas, dressed in formal wear and standing in front of a fireplace.

Date: 1985
Moise Khayrallah working at a desk. The accompanying caption is: "MK’s first laptop (weighed 50 pounds), 1985"

Date: 1966
A photograph of a young Moise at his First Communion dressed in church attire holding a rosary and small book.

Date: 1973
A photograph of a teenage Moise squatting with a group of five other boys all dressed in Boys Scout uniforms.

Date: 1985
A photograph of Moise Khayrallah sitting behind the wheel of his first car, a silver Honda, presumably in North Carolina.

A photograph of a young Moise and four of his young cousins posing outdoors.

Date: 1971
A photograph of a young Moise standing next to his seated grandfather, a pastor, with a second unidentified man seated to the right.

Date: 1972
Moise Khayrallah's identification papers from his youth in Lebanon.

Date: 1996
A photograph of Vera and Moise Khayrallah taken at Moise Khayrallah's graduation from the doctoral program in psychology at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Date: 1977
A photograph of a teenage Moise posing outdoors with his two friends from grade school during their three day hike through the Lebanese mountains.

Date: circa 1990s
A photograph of Moise and Vera Khayrallah (back) with unidentified individuals opening Christmas presents.

Date: circa 1990s
The Khayrallahs play games with a group of people around Christmas. The accompanying caption reads: "all mid-1990s events like Christmas and gatherings. Playing 7 ½ (Lebanese game similar to poker)."

Date: 1976
A black and white portrait of a young Vera taken in 1976.

A photograph of Vera and Moise in their twenties dancing among a group of other dancing couples.

A photograph of Vera and Moise sitting on a blanket on a balcony.

Date: 1981
A photograph of Vera and Moise sitting and laughing together outside

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Vera Tayeh Khayrallah as a young woman, sitting at a desk in front of a board that reads "Orange County Women's Center." The photograph is part of a set labeled "87m Host Family."

Date: 1984
A photograph of young Vera Khayrallah outside in front of a swimming pool, with unidentified individuals in the background. The accompanying caption is: "Apartment complex where they first lived. Ended up being a big Lebanese student housing complex,…

A photograph of a large group of people identified as Vera's family.
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