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Date: July 2000
A photograph of a young girl, identified as Karmina Ishack, posing with the cedars in Lebanon.
Ishak_Young Girl in Cedars 3-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of a group of women and children from the Ishak family sitting outdoors in Lebanon. Starting with little girl in white hat: Joanna Yehia, Jana Mitri, Georgina Ishak, Sasha Yehya, Amira Ishak, Karmina Ishak. Woman in black tank top and…
Ishak_Women and Girls 2-wm.jpg

Date: August 2000
A photograph, starting with girl in front, Joanna Yehia, Youssef Ishak, Merchant selling nuts from his car, Doumit Ishak, Karmina Ishak, Sasha Yehya. Taken at The Arz, Lebanon.
Ishak_Unpacking Car-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of, left to right starting with girl in pink, Sara Ishak, Rima Ishak, Amira Ishak, Tony Mahfouz, Georgina Ishak, Karmina Ishak. Taken at Tayta Karime and Jiddo Yaacoub Ishak's home in Terbol, North Lebanon.
Caption: "Aunt, Uncle,…
Ishak_Uncle and Aunt with Girls-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of Karmina and Natalie Ishak taken in the Arz, Lebanon in July of 2000.
Ishak_Karmina and Cousin-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of Karima Ishak sitting on the trunk of a tree among the cedars of Lebanon.

Date: July 2000
Joanna Yehia, Karmina Ishak, and Sasha Yehya on a mountain in Lebanon.
Ishak_Girls on Mountain-wm.jpg

Date: August 2000
A photograph of, left to right, Amira Ishak, Karmina Ishak, Jean Ishak, Georgina Ishak, Natalie Ishak, Sara Ishak, and Jack Ishak. Taken at The Arz, Lebanon.
Ishak_Father, Children, and Cousins-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of member of Special Olympics Team, Mohammed Nasser, Doumit Ishak. Bottom row L to R: Member of Special Olympics Team, Joanna Yehia, Amira Ishak, Leann Ishak, Georgina Ishak, Sasha Yehya, Karmina Ishak, Youssef Ishak. Taken in Baalbeck,…
Ishak_Father, Children and Cousins 2-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of L to R: Jean Ishak, Sara Ishak, Georgina Ishak, Jack Ishak, Karmina Ishak, Amira Ishak, Natalie Ishak. Taken in The Arz, Lebanon in July 2000.
Ishak_Family in Lebanon-wm.jpg

Date: July 2000
A photograph of, going clockwise starting with girl in yellow, Amira, Georgina, Karmina, and Sara Ishak outside in Harissa in front of a view of the coastline of Lebanon.

Date: August 2000
A photograph of, from left to right, Sasha Yehya, Georgina Ishak, Amira Ishak, Youssef Ishak, Joanna Yehia and Karmina Ishak. Taken in Arz (Cedars of Lebanon).
Ishak_Climbing Mtn-wm.jpg
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