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Date: Unknown
Caption: "2? brothers of Helen Kalil Mokarzel wife of Salloum"

A photo of Gabriel Kalil, brother of Helen Kalil Mokarzel,
sitting on a chair in front of a mirror. (Folder 2-1-1-6)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-6 Helen Brother_WM.jpg

A letter, written by Mary E. Leary, Principal at the Amesbury Street School, on September 9, 1920. It certifies that Najeeb [likely James] Kalil was born on September 20, 1904 and enrolled in school on September 11, 1911.

A letter from Arlington Mills composed on November 11, 1913 explaining a complicated situation detailing different records and employments for Michael Kalil, which provide contradictory evidence for his age.

Date: June 1913
A record certifying that Michael Kalil of 301 Elm St., was born in Syria on March 25, 1894 and was 19 years old when the record was filled out, on June 19, 1913. The back of the pink card has a stamp for Sam Kalil's Gents' Ready-Made Clothing…

Date: Unknown
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Elias alHadsheti. It confirms the birthdate of Madeline Kalil on March 25, 1894.

Date: circa 1920
An application for an employment certificate for James Kalil to work at the Pacific Mills. It lists his residence as 68 Hampshire St., place of birth as Syria, and present age as 15 years, 11 months.

Date: March 1914
A physician's certificate of age confirming that Charlie Kalil was at least 16 years of age at the time it was filled out, on March 12, 1914. It provides his date of birth, April 15, 1894, and residence, 397 Chestnut St.

A school record for James Kalil created on September 8, 1920 at the Oliver School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and signed by S.B. Frost, a teacher there. It gives Kalil's date of birth as September 20, 1904 and residence as 68 Hampshire St. The record…

Date: October 1912
An application for employment certificate for Abdo Kalil to work at Pacific Mills for G. M. Towers, filed on October 25, 1912. It lists his residence as 353 Commerce St., birthplace as Syria, and birthdate as 1894.

A promise of employment certificate filled out on September 7, 1920 promising employment for James Kalil at Pacific Mills as a Sewing Machine Tender. On the reverse side is a signed physician's certificate of help.

Date: Unknown
Caption: "a brother of Helen Kalil (Mokarzel)"

A photo of Gabriel Kalil, brother of Helen Kalil Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-5)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-5 Helen Brother_WM.jpg

Date: Unknown
A portrait of Gabriel Kalil, brother of Helen Kalil Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-7)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-7 Helen Brother_WM.jpg

Date: July 1917
A baptismal record for Nicholas Wakeen issued on July 20, 1917, certifying his date of birth as July 3, 1906 and date of baptism as July 14, 1906. It lists his father's name as Peter Wakeen and mothers names as Zanee Assad Wakeen and their address as…

Date: July 1913
An immigration record for Michal Kalil, produced at Ellis Island, signed by Acting Commissioner Byron Hall and sent to Mr. Josef Kalil at 354 1/2 Elm St., Lawrence, MA on July 12, 1913. It certifies Michael's arrival in the United States on December…

Date: 1908
A photo of Salloum and Helen Mokarzel on their wedding day. The caption on the back reads "mother and dad." (Folder 2-1-1-1)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-1 Wedding_WM.jpg

Date: Unknown
Gabriel (brother of Helen Kalil Mokarzel) and his wife Mary Kalil holding their baby, Gabriel Kalil Jr.
(Folder 2-1-1-8)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-8 Gabriel and Mary Khalil_WM.jpg

Date: Circa 1920
A photo of the Mokarzel sisters with relatives on their mother's sides: Charles Kalil, Katherine Kalil, Ethel Kalil. Included is a long caption written on a separate piece of paper. (Folder 2-1-5-1)
Mokarzel 2-1-5-1a Group_wm.jpg

Date: 1910
A certification of baptism of (name no clear) in August 1895. Written by Father Khouri Rafael (last name not clear) in 1910. The document is damaged. On the bottom are a few penciled notations: "Adla Kellil Father Joseph August 15 1895 Mary Kalil"
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