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Date: 1947
A portrait of the Kahdy family in which everyone is wearing formal clothing. The back of the photo lists each family member in the photo, how they are related, and that these specific relatives are located in Rayak, Lebanon.

Date: 1947
Five members of the Kahdy family sitting amongst the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon. Caption on the back reads, "Kahdys in Baalbek."

Date: 1947
George Kahdy stands on some of the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon while his family stands below him. Caption on the back reads, "Dad and Kahdy family visiting Baalbek, 1947."

Date: 1947
Three of George Kahdy's cousins standing on top of a low brick wall with the rest of the city in the background. Caption on the back reads, "Kahdy cousins. Rayak, Lebanon '47."

Date: 1956-07
The Kahdy family including Adma, George, Barbara, Georgette, George Jr. and three of George's sisters pose as they stand outside together. They are all wearing semi-formal clothing as they smile.

Date: 1940's-60's
A series of photos with the entire Kahdy family starting with Nell and George Kahdy. It includes images from the 1940's through the 1960's.

The Kahdy and Stone family poses outside on wooden benches. On the right side of the photo, it appears that a picture of George Kahdy has been cut out and placed next to Nell Kahdy.

Date: 1990's ?
The Kahdy family poses outside of Martha and George Kahdy's farm house. They are all smiling and are dressed in casual clothing.

Date: 1999
A gathering of the entire Kahdy family posed on the stairs. Caption on the back reads, "Entire Kahdy family before grandchildren."

Date: 1999
The Kahdy family poses on the stairs in casual clothing. The back of the photo lists the name of each family member in the photo and that this was located in Raleigh during the late 1980's.
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