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Date: 1985-07-10
A handwritten card from George Kahdy to his daughter Barbara Estes. In this card, he sends his congratulations after Barbara sent news that Jim Estes and her were to be married. He talks about the weather and the event that Nell Kahdy is putting…

Date: 1986-06-30
A handwritten card from Nell Kahdy to her daughter Barbara Estes and her husband Jim. She talks about her time in France and the variety of people that she meets while there.

Date: 2004-02-07
A card from Nell and George Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes wishing them a good time in Arizona. She also talks about the weather and how she's grateful for the communication she has with her children and grandchildren. Dated February 7, 2004.

Date: 2000's
Group photograph of Barbara Kahdy Estes, her husband Jim Estes, Mettrie and her husband, John Lari on a couch

Date: 2000's ?
A card from Mettrie Lari that refers to a trip that her mother Barbara and Jim Estes went on. The outside of the card is a side note from Mettrie Lari wishing Barbara Estes a happy Mothers' day.

Date: 2000's ?
A handwritten note from young Kristin Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes in which she thanks Barbara for taking her on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.
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