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Date: 1912
A postcard with a photo of the Oussani Family in a horse-drawn cart. From left to right are: Joseph Oussani, Isabel Oussani, Gladys Holmes, and Margaret Oussani. Gladys Holmes was the family governess and married Joseph Oussani circa 1912.

Date: 1927-02-01
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Major Holmes, dated February 1, 1927.

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Date: 1934-01-21
A newspaper article titled "Hastings Man Hit By Trolley Dies of Injuries" about Joseph Oussani's death, dated 1934.

Date: 1934-01-21
Article titled: "Hastings Man Hit By Trolley Dies of Injuries" detailing the death and obituary of Joseph Oussani who died in 1934.

A woman, possibly Gladys Holmes Oussani with a baby near a car.
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