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A photo of a group of children posing for a picture. Roger Creighton can be seen third from the bottom.

A photo of a group of children preparing to pose for a picture.

A studio portrait of a family from the Mansour family photographs. The photograph contains two unidentified girls, a boy in a sailor suit, their mother, and their father (sitting, wearing a fez). According to the notes provided by the family, the…

A photograph of five unidentified members of the Mansour family. The photo contains two adult women, a seated man wearing a fez and traditional clothing, a young boy, and a young girl. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken in the 1890s or…

A photo of unidentified people posing in front of a shop.

A photograph of a family gathered around a coffin.

A photograph of young men in uniform at Fort Bragg.

A photo of unidentified members of the Mansour family.

An unidentified family portrait.

A group photo of Mansour family members, ingluding Juanita Mathis Mansour (far left in chair), Nell Heeden Mansour (second from left in chair), Ernest Mansour (far right in chair), Edward Mansour (far right standing), Ernest Heeden (standing second…

A group photo of Mansour family members. Left to Right: Juanita Mathis Mansour, Edward Mansour, Nell Heeden Mansour, Virginia Rabil Mansour, and Ernest Mansour.

A photograph of Mansour family men. Ernest Heeden is standing second from the right.

A photograph of the Mansour family in 1974. Nell Heeden Mansour is in the front right.

A group portrait of members of the Hammana Club. Though unidentified, the photograph likely contains members of the Kannan, Rabil, and Baddour families.

A group photograph of Raja Khalifah's 1962 graduating class from the American University of Beirut.

A group photograph of Raja Khalifah's father's graduating class.

A group photograph of extended members of the Khalifah family.

Moise (back, far right) and Vera (sitting on far side of couch on the left) at a large gathering of unidentified men, women, and children. The accompanying caption reads: "1988, in Cary, NC, large group (MK standing left [sic], Wife sitting with pink…

A photograph of a group of unidentified women and children from the Ishak family sitting outdoors in Lebanon.
Ishak_Women and Girls 2-wm.jpg
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