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Date: 1938
A photograph of the burial of Khalil Hobeiche in Hamedan, Iran, dated 1938.

Date: 1947-04
A receipt for grave marker of Namee Hobeiche (spelled Hbeiche), dated 1863-1916 purchased by Mrs. Angele Ellis, date paid 14 April 1947. Receipt from Charles Bencsik & Son, 4543 West Eighth Street, Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio. Noted as "One Grey…

Date: 2014
A photograph taken by Sister Barbara Agnew of Namtallah Hobeiche's grave marker, dated 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Khayrallah Center does not hold the original copy of this item.

Date: 2014
A photograph of Sister Barbara Agnew at Namtallah Hobeiche's grave marker in Cincinnati, Ohio, dated 2014. Sister Barbara Agnew located and photographed the grave marker on behalf of Kail Ellis. Also contains the burial record of Namtallah Hobeiche,…

A collection of photographs taken in the Elizabethtown Cemetery depicting the tombstones of various members of the Parker family from two generations. Included in the collection is a text document listing each of the family members buried in the…
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