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Date: 1920's
George and Asaf Kahdy posed outside of their store. George leans on Giddo who is seated and crossing his arms. Caption on the back at the bottom, "George and Giddo Kahdy."

Date: 1920's
Young George Kahdy who is in a long sleeve shirt, shorts, and an large tie with Afifi and Genee Kahdy in dresses on either side of him. Caption on the back reads, "George Kahdy, Afifi, and Genee Kahdy."

Date: 1920's
Young George Kahdy in a scout uniform. The note on the back states, "Scout George Kahdy 1920's."

Date: 1920's
Young Ernest Saloom and George Kahdy sitting side by side. The back of the photo reads, "Ernest Saloom and George, 8 years old."

Date: 1920's
A portrait of young George Kahdy in a formal shirt and bow tie. The back reads "George Kahdy" in red lettering.

Date: 1920's
Asaf Kahdy sits with young George Kahdy on his lap and Adma Sawaya Kahdy sits next to them. Caption on the back reads, "Asaf George Kahdy, son George Asaf Kahdy, Adma Sawaya Kahdy."

Date: 1922
Asaf Kahdy holds his young son, George Kahdy, on their trip from Lebanon to the United States. Asaf Kahdy leans over slightly as his son and him sleep. An unknown woman sits next to them. The back of the photo reads, "My grandfather Asaf George Kahdy…

Date: 1923
Young George Kahdy sits in between his two parents Asaf and Adma Kahdy who are in formal attire. Caption on the back reads, "George A. Kahdy and parents Asaf George Kahdy and Adma Sawaya Kahdy. 1923 USA."

Date: 1930
Asaf Kahdy stands behind his counter as an unknown man leans against the counter and smokes a cigar. George Kahdy stands with his hands behind his back near another unknown man. The back of the photo reads, "Our store in Macon, Georgia. About the…

George Kahdy sitting in formal clothing with a palm tree, water, and mountains in the background.

Date: 1938
George Kahdy from his High School ROTC in Macon, Georgia. Caption on the back reads, "George ROTC. Macon, Ga. Age- 17."

Date: 1939
George Kahdy dressed in a suit and tie. Caption on the back reads, "George 1939. Graduate Lanier High School."

Date: 1939
Young George Kahdy in his high school ROTC uniform. Caption on the back reads, "Lanier School for Boys. Macon."

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy's portrait in a formal suit and a striped tie.

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy poses on a riverbank as he leans on his left leg.

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy and his mother casually walking on the street. George is wearing his military uniform while his mother is wearing a casual dress. Caption on the back reads, "Probably in Macon, Georgia. Dad with his mother. WWII."

Date: 1940's
Sally, George, Genee, Maurice, and Fifi standing together with a banner hanging directly behind them. The back of the photo states the name of the individuals in the photo.

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy and four other men pose together at Gunter Field, Alabama. Two of the men crouch down as the other three stand behind them. Caption on the back reads, "Walker, Bentsen, Leopold, Hallman at Gunter field one day before leaving for…

Date: 1940's
Nell Kahdy and an unknown woman sit on a blanket with a variety of food spread out as George Kahdy sits nearby on the sand holding an object in his left hand.

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy and friends stand on the beach in Macon, Georgia. Some are in swimwear while others are fully dressed. Several individuals are also seen chewing on a snack. Caption on the back reads, "George and friends. Macon, Ga."

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy smiles as he stands outside in a casual outfit.

Date: 1940's-60's
A series of photos with the entire Kahdy family starting with Nell and George Kahdy. It includes images from the 1940's through the 1960's.

Date: 1942
Lt. George Kahdy sits on a stool with his hands clasped wearing his United States Army uniform. Caption on the back reads, "Lt. Geo. Kahdy. 1942."

Date: 1942-07-05
Copy of honorable discharge from the U.S. Army by reason of "convenience of the government to accept appointment as 2nd Lieut., Army of the US, and active duty" dated July 5, 1942 in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Date: 1943
A portrait of George Kahdy in his pilot uniform and headset with goggles. Caption on the back reads, "George Assif Kahdy engagement 1943."
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