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George Kahdy Autobiography, 2000-2014

Date: Apr-47
Assif George Kahdy Certificate of Naturalization. Assif was naturalized in Sherman, Texas on September 12, 1906, but this certificate was issued on April 8, 1947.

George Assif Kahdy Naturalization Notes, Augusta National Golf Club Emblem

Portrait of George Kahdy in front of tropical backdrop

George Kahdy in uniform walking with mother Adma Sawaya Kahdy in Macon Georgia.

Sepia photograph of young George Kahdy (right) and Ernest Saloom (left)

Date: Jul-12
Article published on July 6, 2012 about George Kahdy at 90 years old flying in an AT-6, his first flight since 1946.

Date: Oct-43
Photograph of George Kahdy and unidentified man in WWII Plane taken October 14, 1943. Caption on the bottom of image says "Best of Luck and Happy Landings Leroy Hallman" and "Gunter Field, Ala 14 Oct. 1943"

Sepia photograph of a young George Kahdy standing against a wall in his Boy Scout uniform

Sepia photograph of a young George Kahdy wearing a bowtie

Portrait of an older George and Nell Kahdy

George and Nell Kahdy with Grandchildren: from left to right, Mettrie, Demeree, Kathryn, Kristin, and Fred

Group photograph of George and Nell Kahdy's Wedding, taken 1944. Ten people surround the couple inluding Joe and Amelia Salem

Date: 1944
Photograph of George and Nell Kahdy holdings hands at their wedding, George is wearing his military uniform

Date: 1946
Photograph of George Kahdy taken 1946

Date: 1939
Portrait of George Kahdy taken for his High School Graduation in 1939

Date: 1938
Portrait of George Kahdy in ROTC uniform at Lanier High School in Macon, GA

Photograph of George and Nell Kahdy dancing at the Cedars Ballroom in Chapel Hill, NC with a band playing in the background.

Photograph of young George Kahdy standing in the doorway of a store with his father, George Asaf, identified as "Gidoo." Taken outside the doorway of their family store.

Date: 1922
Photograph of George Kahdy holding son George taken at Ellis Island, NY in 1922
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