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Fannie Johns Moses with her granddaughter on a boat. A boat in the background says "Scenic Photo Sun No. 5".

Fannie Johns Moses spraying water from a hose.

Fannie Johns Moses standing beside a fence with a car in background.

Fannie Johns Moses standing by a tree in front of a white picket fence. A notation on the back reads, "Mother (sweet face)/ pretty dress". Another version of this photo is Moses2019039.

Fannie Johns Moses standing by a tree in front of a white picket fence. Another version of this photo is Moses2019015.

Fannie Johns Moses celebrating Norman Kim Moses's birthday. Seated at the table from left to right: Philip Moses Jr., Norman Kim Moses blowing out his birthday candles, and Noidrie Moses Jr. with Fannie Johns Moses at her house on Alachua St. in Lake…

Date: 1911
Portrait of the Moses family circa 1911. Left to right: Bessie Moses, Fannie Johns Moses, Amelia Moses, Ellis Moses. Amelia Moses was born in August of 1911. A yellow note attached says "Standing is Bessie Baby in lap is Amelia." The note was likely…

Date: 1960
A copy of Fannie Johns Moses's (Mrs. Ellis Moses) obituary, dated 8 April 1960 in the Lake City Reporter & Columbia Gazette. Surviving relatives listed include her children, her nieces and nephews and the Romey children.

Date: 1960
A letter from Herbert B. Attaway, Jr. to Philip J. Moses, dated 4 April 1960, remarking upon the qualities of Philip's mother Fannie Johns Moses.
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