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Date: 1930-11
Vol. 5 no. 03 of The Syrian World published November 1930. The issue starts off with an article by Dr. F. I. Shatara discussing the New British Policy in Palestine. Shatara a Palestinian Arab, followed the events closely and wrote an article…

Date: 1931-09
Vol. 6 no. 01 of The Syrian World published September 1931. The issue opens with an editorial announcement of policy changes in the paper, with its sixth year. The beginning of this issue primarily highlights upcoming changes, contributors, and plans…

Date: 1932-01
Vol. 6 no. 05 of The Syrian World published January 1932. The issue opens with a travel journal entry from Ameen Rihani detailing his experiences in Aden, which he describes as a “once beautiful and hospitable Arab city.” This piece is followed by a…
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