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A certificate of baptism for Fred Dowaliby, produced by the Saint Charles Church of Dover, New Hampshire, on February 27, 1923. It confirms his birth date as March 3, 1907 and date of baptism as May 2, 1907. It lists his father's name as Elias…

Date: circa 1923
An application for an employment certificate for Fred Dowaliby, requesting for him to work at Arlington Mills. It lists his residence as 315 Chestnut St., place of birth as Dover, New Hampshire, and present age as 15 years 10 months.

Date: circa 1918
An application for employment certificate for James Dowaliby, requesting for him to work at the Washington Mill. It lists his residence as 53 White St., place of birth as Dover, NH, and present age as 14 years.

A record, issued by the City Clerk's Office of Dover, New Hampshire on November 16, 1918, certifying Najib Dowaliby's birth date as November 12, 1904. It lists his father's name as Ameen Dowaliby.

Date: April 1913
A letter by E. Butterfulk, Superintendent of Schools in Dover, New Hampshire, addressed to the Truant Officer and written on April 15, 1913. It indicates that the incorrect baptism was sent for George Gald (Galab)--Eugene Rabil's papers had been…

Date: May 1912
A personal testimony by Joseph Nassif of Dover, New Hampshire, given on May 13, 1912. It translates the Arrabic letter sent to certiffy Jadoun Hatem's age. Nassif testifies that that Jdou [Jadoun] Hatem was baptized on May 8, 1896 in Hammana,…

A letter from E. U. Butterfield, Superintendent of Schools of Dover, New Hampshire, to Bernard Sheridan, Superintendant in Lawrence, Massachusetts stating that he is sending Najeb Mansur's birth certificate with the letter. The letter is dated…

Date: October 1912
A personal statement by Joseph Norsiff of Dover, New Hampshire, stating that Najeb E. Mansur was born November 17, 1895 and was christened at th e same time in Hamana Lebanon. The letter is typewritten, signed by both Norsiff and the State of New…
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