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Date: undated
A document of Maronite Archbishopric Of Cyprus with prayers of forgiveness. An example table of names, date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, etc. Undated

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A document from Walter John Silva, Vice Consul of the United States of America, certifying the signature of Antoine Atallah, Chief of Section, Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sent from the Republic of Lebanon, Beirut, Embassy of the United…

Date: 1913 July 08
A photograph of young Anis Fuleihan standing outside in front of a bush, 1913. Probably Cyprus.

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Date: 2006
A cap embroidered with a USS Nashville Logo. On the front above the bill is a logo with an anchor and Marines symbol. Below this logo is a banner which reads "Liberty and Country." This hat originated from the event which required the United States…
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